FC Footstar 20th Birthday

I went to the FC Footstars 20th birthday from Thursday to Monday with my brother.

On Thursday we were hanging out in park playing oldschool hacky sack when my dear brother accidently kicking me in the eye. I instantly started bleeding from my eye and an ambulance was called. I should be fine.

The next night we were are a club and lamp feel down from the ceiling and cracked my head open. New ambulance and 4 stitches later I felt fine again.

Other than that it was an amazing weekend – obviously no footbag action but a lot of fun.

Here are my photos from the weekend: https://photos.app.goo.gl/K2Ppe8L74Pblv9YC2
(Warning: Contains beer and blood)

You can see Philippe’s great footbag photos here: http://fcfootstar.de/cms/20th-anniversary-photos/

Party Bombe

I got contacted by some of the Finnish footbaggers and they want to pay for some of my expenses to come to Party Bombe in Helsinki (7th of July) to judge. I am finally an actual footbag legend.


Last week I returned to Berlin to hang out with the homies, play footbag and party a bunch. The trip was amazing. I celebrated my birthday there with a rubber boat trip down the Spree and two rooftop parties. After Berlin I went to a techno-festival in the North East of Germany with some of the guys.

Here is every footbag I got to hang out with:

  • Angelo “Sexy Beast” Rendon
  • Matthias Lino Schmidt
  • Rene Rühr
  • Jakob “Alte Digger” Wagner
  • Yves “Krushed The Quiche” Kreil
  • Mikko “The Rasmus” Lepisto
  • Felix Flexx Vivaldi
  • Indiana Jonze Aka The Most Christian Name Of Us All Aka Verpeilt
  • Alex “ZooperSmooth” Michelewski
  • Anne “Schiiiikooo” Schikora
  • David Aka The Most Beautiful Boy in Berlin

That’s pretty good for a weeks work with no tourmanet.


If any of you ever go to Berlin you have to check out Jakob Wagner’s shop. It is an amazing place.

I had two sessions there. One at “halle” with Mikko, Matthias, Angelo and amazing freestyle footballer Philippe (great guy as well). Second session was an outside solo session with Angelo. I played decent enough for partying pretty hard the night before.

Here is a clip of Mikko from the first session:


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I posted a bunch of photos on facebook if any of you are curious:

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