Small update

Annual General Assembly

Last Thursday we had our Annual General Assembly in FootbagDenmark. Only Nis, Kim, Blau, Frederik, Rasmus and I came. Not impressive but what can you do. The most important things discussed were:

  • Our economy looks good even after paying back IFPA the money we borrowed for Worlds.
  • We decided to make to tiers for being a member. Active and inactive members. It is much cheaper to be inactive. You basically decide yourself, which you see you as.
  • I decided to step down as Vice Chairman. Mathias Blau got elected. Nis stays as the main guy in charge.

Afterward, we were supposed to play footbag, but I and Rasmus just played “Footanque” and drank beers. Mathias hit Gyro Butterfly > Ripstein [rpt] after I challenged him to hit it. I really like that drill.

I’ve been slacking lately. I didn’t play yesterday either. I have been feeling a bit down and I know footbag usually helps it just gets harder to get out there. I am pretty sure my bad mood is just the result of spring not showing it’s beautiful sunny face on time. Hopefully, that will change soon.


I just bought plane tickets to go to FC Footstars 20th Birthday 10-13th of May. Little brother is gonna tag along. The plan is that it is gonna be a long party with some footbag thrown in – just my kinda tournament. That’s gonna be fun.


Location and dates for Worlds are finally set – July 22-28 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I definitely hope to make it this year. I know Nis and Mathias do as well. Fingers crossed.

I gave a talk on my “artistic process” last Saturday. I wrote it out in article format afterward. You can read it here.


Welcome to my footblog version 2.0

My name is Asmus Helms. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I am 27 years old. I work as a system- and project consultant for an e-learning company. When I am not doing stuff related to footbag I like to express myself creatively.

Some footbag info:

How long have you played footbag?:
Since 2004

What is your preferred footbag to play with?:

If you could play footbag with one shredder you haven`t played with yet, who would it be?
Kevin Crowley or Kevin Hogan

Footbag achievement of which you are most proud:
Being one of the main organizers of Worlds 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark

What are your best 2/3/4 dex tricks?
Frontside Toe Blur /Enterrage, Pixie Tripwalk, Phasing Twirl / Phasing Revup

What trick do you most want to hit, right now?:
100 Titless and 30 Guitless

If you could take one component (spins, double overs, ducks) from any footbag player in the world, what would it be, and from whom?
Consistency from Mathias Blau

If you could visit one footbag city in the world, where would you go?:
New York

What is the best tournament you have ever attended?
Worlds 2009 in Berlin.

Name one really good friend you have made through footbag:
My footbag family FootbagDenmark