Footbag on Instagram – August 2018

We’re into August now, Worlds have been and gone and there have been some more cool footbag events. Here we go with another monthly wrap of what’s happening on Instragram in the footbag world.

Here’s something from me. to begin. I had a problem with one file failing to upload so I haven’t put up to many clips myself this month, but that’s resolved now.

Lunchtime #footbag session

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Happy Birthday Honza

It was multiple time World Champion Honza Weber’s birthday recently, and he celebrated by going to a dinosaur park. How fun! There is a dinosaur museum here in Canberra and I have kicked there a few times over the years.

Hacky Sack Chicks

I just came across this account recently and they look like they are having a lot of fun. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

The mid-hack shoe tie! #freestylehack #hackychics #footbag #keepitup

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Revup Record

It’s no secret that Nick Polini is pretty good at reverse swirl based tricks. Here’s five toe revups (reverse swirling pickup) to prove it.

Bembel Cup

The German event celebrated ten years in Frankfurt.  It’s mainly a net event but always attracts a few freestylers as well. There’s not as much net action on Instagram, but there are plenty of clips from the event on the Frankfurt Footbag page.


I haven’t heard of this band before, but they play hack on tour and have released seven or so albums, so they must be doing something right. More bands should do this on tour.

The beast of Marcin

I don’t think Marcin Bujko is particularly active in footbag these days, but he’s definitely still got it. This clip starts off with a beast combo.

#boneym na rapie 🎬📽⚽ #footbag #hackysack

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In case you forgot about his style, here’s a longer video.

Salem Double Switch Jam

The Salem Double Switch Jam looked like an awesome time with cool prizes, international guests and some great shred. There are longer videos around from the event as well, I would love to visit sometime.


Rising Ryan

I have really enjoyed seeing the improvement this year from Ryan Morris, he is just getting better and better and sharing plenty of clips along the way.

Two Bags

Here’s Angelo Rendon with some fun two bag juggling tricks. Nice and stylish.

Not always so easy

For the last one of this month a drawing that I just came across. Sometimes kicking is not so easy, and that will often put some people off, especially looking to progress from beginning with kicks into getting onto the harder tricks.

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Footbag on Instagram – July 2018

The World Footbag Championships has been and gone, with Patrik Černýbecoming the new Routines champion and Taishi Ishida having a great tournament to take the Overall Freestyle title.

Here’s a little of what’s been happening in the footbag world according to Instagram this past month.

World Footbag Championships

シュレッド30部門を優勝し、更に全種目の総合優勝も果たして世界一になりました!!!! . 皆さんの応援とサポートによって「運」を引き寄せる事が出来ました。 本当にありがとうございます。 . これから日本に帰国し、多くの方にフットバッグを知って頂けるように活動します。 . イベントやメディア出演などご興味を持たれた方がいらっしゃればご連絡ください! . #footbag #フットバッグ #サッカー #フットサル #石田太志 #taishiishida #soccer #follow #世界一 #worldchampion #パフォーマンス #performanceart #performer #instalike #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instagramer #総合優勝 #overallchampion #bulgaria #sofia #表彰式 #ブルガリア #ソフィア#表彰台 #金メダル

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順当に勝ち上がり、昨日はシュレッド30とサークルコンテストの決勝が行われ、僕が持っている力は出しきれました!結果は本当に微妙なところ! . 今日、最後の種目であるシングルルーチン」部門の決勝があり、その後に結果発表と表彰式があります。 . 苦手なリクエストコンテストは4位でした。 . まずは昨日の結果を気にせず、今日の最後の種目に集中したいと思います! . おかげさまで怪我もなく、こちらの環境にも慣れ、いつも通りのプレーができてきています。 . うまいプレイヤーでも本番になると足が震えていたりします。 . とにかくメンタル面が大切なのでイベントでのパフォーマンスだと思って臨みたいと思います! . #footbag #フットバッグ #サッカー #フットサル #石田太志 #taishiishida #soccer #follow #世界一 #worldchampion #パフォーマンス #performanceart #performer #instalike #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instagramer #世界大会 #ブルガリア #ソフィア #bulgaria #sofia #jump #competition

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Another year and another Worlds in the bag. This is a great shot of Taishi Ishida on the podium in Sofia, Bulgaria. He won the Shred 30 event as well as the Overall category after strong results in Routines (2nd) and Circle (4th).

Keep Kicking After Worlds

Hopefully Worlds will have inspired people to get kicking, whether they made it to the tournament or not. Jana Riisalo has been straight back into action after some silver medal performances in Bulgaria.

Team Poland

Poland had a strong showing at Worlds, in both net and freestyle.

Live Action from Worlds

I would have loved to see some more of this over the Worlds and I think we will in the future on the official social media channels, but here’s a clip from Rafał Kaleta, going big as per usual.

Mind:Blown in Detroit

The Michigan crew is really going from strength to strength. They also managed to capture a great piece of crowd reaction in this video.

Throw way back Thursday

Here is a great Throwback Thursday post made from Joseph Muscolino, doing a huge flying clipper in the Austrian Alps with a great story about the earlier days of the sport.

I have decided to occasionally do a “throw back thursday” #tbt with a more personal (less content-oriented post). – So here is my first ever tbt… 😊 This is 1985 in the Austrian Alps when I was lucky enough to be Eurailing through Europe (and living on $5 a day!) and I was playing “footbag” (brand name known as Hackeysack). – When I was in chiropractic school in Portland, Oregon, I was lucky enough to meet Johnny Stalberger, the fellow who invented the Hackysack footbag. And I became friends with all the best kickers in the world and I played a lot!! – Here I am doing a flying clipper kick where I hit the footbag with my right foot behind my left leg. If you look closely, you will see the footbag at my chest height. – It was SOOO much fun playing footbag when I was younger! #tbt #footbag #hackysack #austria #alps #eurail #joemuscolino

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Free-style with Chris Dean

Chris Dean is all dressed up for the occasion and still hitting some great tricks.

Chinsen Footbag

Christopher Schillem is one of the latest high level players to join Instagram and sharing a few of their tricks. He hasn’t been mucking around either, with huge combos like this one.

Rapa Nui Footbag

This is actually something I would love to do sometime. Having lived in Chile for a few years, I didn’t get the chance to make it to Easter Island, but this young player has got some shots of himself playing in front of the moai.

Into the sunset

What a way to enjoy the evening – drink a beer and going for a full hack on the beach.

So that’s enough from me. I can’t recommend Instagram enough as a channel for sharing short footbag videos. I was putting up a video most days this year but I have dropped off on that one in recent times. Here’s a clip from a few days ago.

Some #footbag tricks after a long day.

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Footbag on Instagram – June 2018

Here is another month of what’s going on around the footbag world of Instagram. It seems there are more and more players getting onboard and that’s great, I found it a wonderful way to share short clips as well as interact with the community around the world.

Here’s something from me to begin. The weather is getting colder now so I haven’t been playing as much as I would like.

Not much of a day but still getting in some #footbag tricks. #canberra

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Speaking of that community, a new addition has been an official Instagram account from the IFPA. Some great updates came from the European Footbag Championships in Kranj, Slovenia.

The event included action inside an empty swimming pool, which looks like a whole lot of fun.

In Poland, some of the younger generation were learning about the sport.

#footbag workshop for Kids. Golf ⛳ was the best game! Kick it!

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In the USA, Pete Bowler was impressing with big trials tricks off some impressive ledges.

Penn state footbag jam 2018 thanks for filming Pollini

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Looks like the World Cup fever had these guys out in the streets showing some skills with their circle kicking.

While the movie She’s All That brought some inspiration for this one.

Here’s a great run from Nick Polini.

There were trophies to be had at the East Coast Footbag Championship, and they looked awesome.

The World Cup in Russia has allowed the players there to do some big performances, such as this one.

And here we have a Japanese Joker in Mexico with a couple of tricks, just to make things a bit more worldly.



Footbag on Instagram – May 2018

This is the second edition in a monthly roundup of footbag clips from Instagram. You can see the previous round here.

I’ve been trying to put a clip up myself each day, though it’s not always possible, especially with a new baby.

I was happy to catch the autumn colours, as well as the weird statues of the Canberra city centre today with this clip.

Playing #footbag in downtown #canberra

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Here’s a few clips.

Endless Rhodes

First up we have some unique style from California’s Dustin Rhodes. A finalist at Worlds in 2013, we haven’t seen so much video of him lately, so it’s great to see him showing these tricks.

Boats Bags

Two strings #footbag #hackysack #freestylefootbag #freestyle #sport

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Sticking in the USA, and continuing with the unique style, is Mr “Boats”, another of the recent additions to the growing ranks of footbag players on Instagram.

As Matt Cross says in the comments: “My favorite thing about your style is that nearly every trick is a surprise.”

Double Trouble

The next trick is from Sergio Garcia and Paloma Mayo, I’m not sure I’ve seen this trick down before. A good chance to come to close for comfort on the Magellan trick there!

The Bruce Li of Footbag

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Bruce Li has been an exciting prospect in the footbag world, bringing his Jianzi skills from competing at the highest level in the freestyle shuttlecock events.

I haven’t seen his Instagram before so I’ve actually delved a little into the past to get this clip.

Hands and Feet

This clip is not essentially footbag, but it is impressive nonetheless. It’s from Erin Stephens, an awesome juggler. She has a number of these feet and hands combos on her Instagram page.

Camping Hacks

Introduce a #hackysack and suddenly it’s #1994 on this campsite. @perrytrinier

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A lot of people got into circle kicking and footbag through camping, hiking and adventure magazines. This clip shows someone bringing back their own memories through playing hack on the campsite. It also makes great use of the “Boomerang” style.


Once again, not strictly footbag, but just take a look at how many people are playing. I’ve been in Vietnam and this is a regular scene with people playing the sport of  đá cầu, another shuttlecock game.

And the crowd goes wild

Taishi Ishida has done so much great work for footbag in Japan. Here he is giving a live performance and getting a great reception from the crowd.

5月12日(土)六本木CUBEで行われた「SCRATCH」に出演しました! . 今回のイベントは理学療法士の方が主催しているイベントで会場には医療関係に従事している方々がほとんど。 . クラブイベントとしては新鮮な空気でした。 . みんな医療関係だからか雰囲気が温かかった! . フットバッグは医者が考案したリハビリトレーニングとして発祥したスポーツなので今後理学療法士さんらと一緒にその分野にアプローチしていければ良いなと思います。 . リハビリとしても活用されたい方はぜひお声がけください! . #footbag #フットバッグ #サッカー #フットサル #石田太志 #taishiishida #soccer #follow #世界一 #worldchampion #パフォーマンス #performanceart #performer #instalike #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instagramer #club #event #クラブ #イベント #クラブイベント #六本木 #cube #医療 #リハビリ #理学療法士 #作業療法士

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Road to Recovery

The road to recovery from ACL surgery was long and physio got repetitive. I picked up hacky sack to supplement my physio and work on balance and coordination! Feels pretty random, like I’m trying to relive a part of my youth that I missed or something 😆 but it is fun. Also makes for a good active homework break. . . I know I’m not remotely great but I came a long way from only being able to get 1-4 strikes! . . Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something new! Hit me up if boxing is something you would like to try🥊🥊 . . And thanks for the beginner friendly hacky sack @southpawsieben . . . #idontknowwhattodowothmyhands #imjusttryingtoshowoff #footbag #aclrecovery #balancetraining #coordination training #pft #traindifferent #hacksack #fitness #yegpft

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This post shows footbag as a piece in the road to recovery from an ACL injury. It also show great control and improvement.

Big Background

Here’s the regular clip of someone doing a footbag trick in front of an awesome natural landscape.


Footbag on Instagram – April 2018

I am planning to do a couple of segments that pick up some of the clips that go across the social media networks and might not get seen by the rest of the community. The first one of these will be from Instagram.

Some #footbag tricks on the runway. Canberra Airport open day.

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I’ve been trying to put up a clip daily on there and I find it a really good format. There are quite a few footbag players on there but there’s always room for more!

I’m just going to take about 10 clips from recent times that have impressed me.

It’ll be mainly freestyle footbag clips, as there is minimal footbag net on Instagram. However I’m opening up with this one, which is actually a set of pictures.

Footbag Medellin – Walt and Francois visit

Encuentro de #footbagnet #footbagMedellín #FootbagNetColombia #footbag

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The crew in Medellin, Colombia have had some high profile net players visiting. Walt Houston and Francois Pelletier have made the journey down to South America and seem to be having a great time. I have fond memories of my own visit to Medellin, so no surprises there.

Brayan “Bracho” Stiven

Sticking in Colombia, this one is from a couple of months ago, but shows a cool street show from Brayan Stiven. Hopefully one day we will see him compete at Worlds.

Por q esto es mi vida… 100% #footbag #freestyle

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Paloma in Spain

Keeping on the Spanish language theme, Paloma has been doing awesome things with both footbag and freestyle football. This particular post had more than 1000 views.

Honza Weber – Adidas Tango

We don’t see too much of Honza Weber on the competitive scene these days, but he is still doing a lot of performances and you see some of the behind the scenes vision on his Instagram.

While everyone is always looking for the ideal shoe, he has made use of the Adidas Tango 18.1 model – they seem to do the job!

Vasek in Lights

Here’s something from Vasek Klouda, all lit up. He is doing a performance in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It looks awesome.


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Nick Landes showing off

Nick Landes has recently been active on Instagram and his clips have not disappointed. This one is a gym clip using a really large orange show bag – he still shows great control.

Small string of #freestyle #footbag #hackysack #shred

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College Kicking

This one brings the level of shred down, but that’s what it’s all about – having fun kicking a bag around. I don’t know anything about these guys, but they look to be having a great time.

Grand Canyon Kicking

I am a big fan of kicking with awesome natural backdrops – so this one of the Grand Canyon impressed me.

Hacky sack in Arizona. #grandcanyon #arizona #hackysack #vacation #tomboyx #dirtbag

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Brian Bear – Morpheus bsos

I don’t think this is a recent clip, but big combo anyway.

Houdini Polini

This is just one trick, and Nick has many more advanced videos on Instagram, but the view behind the newest member of BAP is awesome.


Capital Eyes Vlog 20-30

You can see the first 20 vlogs on this post.

Each of the vlogs is just about some general life stuff, so there’s pretty much always footbag inside. Sometimes they are about music, travel, the fortunes and misfortunes of the Canberra Raiders or going on bushwalks around the local Canberra area.

Vlog 20 – Sydney Visit

This was a great chance to catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, as well as to catch a ferry in Sydney. There’s actually fairly minimal footbag in this one.

Vlog 21 – New Shoes – Quantums

This one has plenty of footbag, it’s about receiving some new pairs of Quantums. The Swiss crew were getting rid of their final stock, so I got a few pairs at a pretty good price. With a little Swiss chocolate inside the box as well.

Vlog 22 – Out Past The Airport

This is from a bike ride around the Canberra area. Had a few stops for footbag along the way and brought a picnic.

Vlog 23 – Skating With Ferrit

This was a bit of a blast from the past, hanging out with a good friend of mine. We visited four skateparks in the one day and that was pretty tiring. There is a bit of footbag in here through the course of the video.

Vlog 24 – Down the Coast

This was a trip where I took Nico with me to visit my parents. We had a good time at the Pambula Rivermouth as well as the skatepark nearby.

Vlog 25 – Road to Melbourne

We went down for a visit to Melbourne a little while ago, this is from the trip down and then I made a follow up for the action inside Melbourne itself. A few stops for footbag, some with a background of a big waterfall near Beechworth.

Vlog 26 – Melbourne

This has some definite footbag action, got to catch up with Albert Hua from Vietnam and we had a fun footbag and freestyle football session. This was great as I didn’t even know he played footbag.

Vlog 27 – Culburra Callala

This was an express daytrip down to the coast, visiting areas I hadn’t been to since I was a teenager. I wouldn’t mind to go to that area again and spend a bit more time there, pretty amazing views.

Vlog 28 – Shepherd’s Lookout

This one is a bushwalking vlog and didn’t start out great with the footbag, I dropped the bag into a very difficult to reach location. It improved though, I was able to retrieve the bag without falling off a cliff and then got some cool footage near the river.

Vlog 29 – Return to Mt Painter

A few of the recent vlogs have been returns to places I went in the early days of the vlog. The last time I visited this area I was caught in a storm and got soaked. This time was not so bad. I actually went up to the top twice.

Vlog 30 – Mt Ainslie Ride

Another hill in the local area and this one I was on my bike. It was actually the first time I rode up Mt Ainslie. At the top I went straight into footbag and got some good runs.

Daily Instagram #Footbag Posts

Lately I have  been trying to put a post up on Instagram of me playing #footbag – some have been better than others, but I have been quite consistent about it, posting every day now for about a month.

Here are a couple of highlights.


Alpine blurry whirl> motion sickness #footbag. Happy with that one.

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6 add trick playing on a hexagon. #footbag

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Made a quick trip down the coast today. Here is some #footbag

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So there are just a few, you can see a few more on my Instagram account.

It has been a really good motivation to do some footbag each day, and also to try and do some different tricks from time to time. A few of the places are regular spots, like the tennis courts near where I drop off Nico for daycare, while I have been able to get some good backgrounds with rivers or beaches.



Worlds Updates

I’m going to put together anything I come across from Worlds. A lot of this is shared on the Freestyle Footbaggers page but not everything. It’s also nice to have access to it in the future once it drops off the Facebook page.

Official Worlds website –

Vasek routine (dropless) –


Nick Landes routine –

TJ also went dropless though haven’t seen any footage of that yet. I believe Ivan will have comp footage up by tomorrow.

“On The Go With Joe” –

Featuring Jim Penske.

Oregon Live – 9 Things to do in Portland –

Bits and Pieces from Portland Live –

Japanese article about Taishi –


Here’s a preview article I wrote on my Sport/Life site.


Circle Contest Results –

TJ Boutorwick, Nathan Bonslaver, Mark Monistere, Cass Taylor and Adam Keith through to main round of 16. Cass also beat Caroline Birch in Women’s Circle Contest, though I think there is a final still to come. The top 11 players had a bye.

Routines Results

Vasek was top see and his routine is above.

Open Singles Routines: Round 1 – Qualifications  Tuesday, 8/8/2017, 1:15 PM

Pool A
Top 4 players advance:
Rank Player Score
1 Nick Landes 4.9368
2 Aleksi Airinen 3.8123
3 Wiktor Debski 3.3537
4 Daryl Genz 2.3263

5 Larry Workman 21 2.2512
6 Justin Blotsky 20 1.4416

Pool B

1 Ken Somolinos 4.2573
2 Gordon Bevier 3.2979
3 Nathan Bonslaver 2.9972
4 Cassandra Taylor 2.8940

5 Khoa Nguyen 19 2.8614
6 Bruce Li 22 2.8478

Top 4 players advance:
Rank Player Score
1 Jim Penske 4.6400
2 Taishi Ishida 4.1885
3 Pawel Nowak 2.9886
4 Peter Bowler 2.9264

5 Dante Diotallevi 18 2.4133

Pool D

1 Václav Klouda 4.9508
2 Juho Marjo 3.9925
3 T.J. Boutorwick 3.7913
4 Brian Sherrill 2.5936

5 Kevin Hogan 16 0.1021

There is a conference – the ESA conference next door and they have been posting a bunch of stuff on Twitter. I have a feeling this won’t work so well but you can click the links and see the Tweets themselves.



Matt Kemmer is going to be running some different panels, they sound really great. More info in this video


Capital Eyes Vlog 1-20

Since the start of the year I have been making a vlog. I had it running once a week for quite a while, but I got a bit busy doing my final teaching prac. I have just recently passed the 20 vlog mark, which I’m pretty pleased about. I will update this post each time I make a new one and also give a little description of what they are all about.

There is a varying level of footbag in each one. It has been a fun little project to start doing this year. One of my goals at the start of the year was to do either a vlog, zine or podcast and these has been the vehicle and a few people seem to enjoy them, so that’s just great.

Vlog 20 – Sydney Visit

Got to catch up with my friend Kelly who has been overseas for ages and leaves again soon.  Very limited footbag in this one, just one run. It rained a lot of the time and I had some battery troubles.

Vlog 19 – Goorooyarroo 5

A bushwalking vlog, with plenty of footbag for good measure. I had a couple of mandarins with me to snack on and managed a couple of juggling tricks with them and a footbag. Kicked on top of each of the five hills within a nature reserve that’s not so far away.

Vlog 18 – Finishing Up Uni

This one is really just a collection of some stuff I had over a few weeks. Includes a bit of footbag, mainly from some very late night sessions in the garage as well as some scenic sunset shots making my way back home from the prac.

Vlog 17 – Mt Majura

Bushwalking vlog from the closest hill to here. Did some good footbag with hiking shoes as well, including a mirage race style kind of thing. Actually filmed this early on when I started making the vlogs but didn’t get around to putting it together until much later.

Vlog 16 – Free Ice Cream

Considering it’s already over a month since we received the free box of ice cream and it’s still going, that was a good pickup. Plenty of footbag in this one from the Westside complex, which was in the process of closing down. Also Nico riding his bike around at the National Museum.

Vlog 15 – Back to the Beach

Filmed from our trip to Racecourse Beach. Some footbag around, some beach views, kangaroos, jumping cushion and actually took my GoPro into the waves for the first time.

Vlog 14 – Easter at the Beach

Spent Easter with my parents down the coast. Got some good scenic shots and a fair bit of footbag in here too.

Vlog 13 – You Are Here Festival

There was a performance at the hostel I work at, part of an arts festival, bands playing on the rooftop, which was a fun event. Also looks like I had a clean shave at this time by the youthful cover photo.

Vlog 12 – A Rainy Ride

Went for a ride on what started out a nice day. Stopped a few times to do some footbag. By the end of the journey I was completely soaked, mud splattered all over me and shoes full of water.

Vlog 11 – Mt Painter in the Rain

Another one where I got caught out in the rain. The day hadn’t started out as promising but I ended up completely soaked on this one too. Still got a little bit of footbag in.

Vlog 10 – Raiders Early Rounds

A bit of a mix of things, some bits and pieces of concert footage, the Raiders getting thrashed by the Sharks when my friend came to visit, some outdoor stuff around the area and a Raiders victory.

Vlog 9 – Bridge to Nowhere

This is a place I’ve visited a couple of times now, Butters Bridge. It’s this enormous pedestrian bridge in the absolute middle of nowhere. As it’s miles away from anywhere, it’s quite a good space to kick a footbag around.

Vlog 8 – Killswitch Engage

A mix of Killswitch Engage clips from their Alive or Just Breathing 15 year tour, combined with some thoughts on the walk back to the city after some cold beverages.

Vlog 7 – Canberra Raiders Trial

The Raiders played a trial match in Queanbeyan at Seiffert Oval, the place where the club started out. It was a disaster, with the Green Machine being thrashed.

Vlog 6 – An International Guest

This one is pretty much all about footbag. Another goal at the start of the year was to meet up with an international footbag player, so when Janis from Germany got in touch I was happy to host him for a couple of nights. Was glad to get in a shred at Copey’s place as well.

Vlog 5 – Mt Ainslie

I think this was the first bushwalking one I did, with probably the most common hiking trip in Canberra, as it’s quite easy to see from most parts of the city, also quite easy to access from my house.

Vlog 4 – Express Trip to Bega

A friend of mine, Joe, was passing through the Bega area so I went down and back in the day to meet up with him. Got a bit of footbag in along the way, as well as some rock jumping.

Vlog 3 – Glacier Perito Moreno

Basically an extension to the first vlog, focusing on our quick visit to Argentina. Was able to get in a little bit of footbag with some views to the glacier as well.

Vlog 2 – Sydney Weekend – Alexisonfire and Nick Cave

It was convenient that when I started doing the vlogs, we had an action packed weekend of concerts, I also had a kick with Dyalan and Ryan which was good too.

Vlog 1 – Trip to Patagonia

The debut. Most of the scenery on this one speaks for itself and makes it a pretty good video overall, probably better than some of the ones later in the piece.


University: Complete

So I have finished university. Last week I did my final prac and then during the week I went in and handed in my paperwork.

I made a vlog, which has quite a bit of footbag content.

It also has a couple of nice touches of sunsets by the lake and that kind of thing, which I saw quite a few of as I was returning from the school to home.

The next step is to get registered and get a job, but it seems to be a bit of a slower process than I was hoping for.  It seems the process to just starting doing casual teaching through the Catholic education system might be a bit quicker, so I may try my luck there.

I mentioned in the last post that I ordered some Quantum shoes and a few other things from Planetfootbag. I got an email a few days ago that it has been shipped, although of course that will take a fair while to reach here. Really looking forward to getting them.

I played yesterday, had one run of about 26 contacts. I have been playing reasonably regularly, but haven’t had any real breakthrough sessions.