Worlds Updates

I’m going to put together anything I come across from Worlds. A lot of this is shared on the Freestyle Footbaggers page but not everything. It’s also nice to have access to it in the future once it drops off the Facebook page.

Official Worlds website –

Vasek routine (dropless) –


Nick Landes routine –

TJ also went dropless though haven’t seen any footage of that yet. I believe Ivan will have comp footage up by tomorrow.

“On The Go With Joe” –

Featuring Jim Penske.

Oregon Live – 9 Things to do in Portland –

Bits and Pieces from Portland Live –

Japanese article about Taishi –


Here’s a preview article I wrote on my Sport/Life site.


Circle Contest Results –

TJ Boutorwick, Nathan Bonslaver, Mark Monistere, Cass Taylor and Adam Keith through to main round of 16. Cass also beat Caroline Birch in Women’s Circle Contest, though I think there is a final still to come. The top 11 players had a bye.

Routines Results

Vasek was top see and his routine is above.

Open Singles Routines: Round 1 – Qualifications  Tuesday, 8/8/2017, 1:15 PM

Pool A
Top 4 players advance:
Rank Player Score
1 Nick Landes 4.9368
2 Aleksi Airinen 3.8123
3 Wiktor Debski 3.3537
4 Daryl Genz 2.3263

5 Larry Workman 21 2.2512
6 Justin Blotsky 20 1.4416

Pool B

1 Ken Somolinos 4.2573
2 Gordon Bevier 3.2979
3 Nathan Bonslaver 2.9972
4 Cassandra Taylor 2.8940

5 Khoa Nguyen 19 2.8614
6 Bruce Li 22 2.8478

Top 4 players advance:
Rank Player Score
1 Jim Penske 4.6400
2 Taishi Ishida 4.1885
3 Pawel Nowak 2.9886
4 Peter Bowler 2.9264

5 Dante Diotallevi 18 2.4133

Pool D

1 Václav Klouda 4.9508
2 Juho Marjo 3.9925
3 T.J. Boutorwick 3.7913
4 Brian Sherrill 2.5936

5 Kevin Hogan 16 0.1021

There is a conference – the ESA conference next door and they have been posting a bunch of stuff on Twitter. I have a feeling this won’t work so well but you can click the links and see the Tweets themselves.



Matt Kemmer is going to be running some different panels, they sound really great. More info in this video