Footbag on Instagram – May 2018

This is the second edition in a monthly roundup of footbag clips from Instagram. You can see the previous round here.

I’ve been trying to put a clip up myself each day, though it’s not always possible, especially with a new baby.

I was happy to catch the autumn colours, as well as the weird statues of the Canberra city centre today with this clip.

Playing #footbag in downtown #canberra

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Here’s a few clips.

Endless Rhodes

First up we have some unique style from California’s Dustin Rhodes. A finalist at Worlds in 2013, we haven’t seen so much video of him lately, so it’s great to see him showing these tricks.

Boats Bags

Two strings #footbag #hackysack #freestylefootbag #freestyle #sport

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Sticking in the USA, and continuing with the unique style, is Mr “Boats”, another of the recent additions to the growing ranks of footbag players on Instagram.

As Matt Cross says in the comments: “My favorite thing about your style is that nearly every trick is a surprise.”

Double Trouble

The next trick is from Sergio Garcia and Paloma Mayo, I’m not sure I’ve seen this trick down before. A good chance to come to close for comfort on the Magellan trick there!

The Bruce Li of Footbag

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Bruce Li has been an exciting prospect in the footbag world, bringing his Jianzi skills from competing at the highest level in the freestyle shuttlecock events.

I haven’t seen his Instagram before so I’ve actually delved a little into the past to get this clip.

Hands and Feet

This clip is not essentially footbag, but it is impressive nonetheless. It’s from Erin Stephens, an awesome juggler. She has a number of these feet and hands combos on her Instagram page.

Camping Hacks

Introduce a #hackysack and suddenly it’s #1994 on this campsite. @perrytrinier

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A lot of people got into circle kicking and footbag through camping, hiking and adventure magazines. This clip shows someone bringing back their own memories through playing hack on the campsite. It also makes great use of the “Boomerang” style.


Once again, not strictly footbag, but just take a look at how many people are playing. I’ve been in Vietnam and this is a regular scene with people playing the sport of  đá cầu, another shuttlecock game.

And the crowd goes wild

Taishi Ishida has done so much great work for footbag in Japan. Here he is giving a live performance and getting a great reception from the crowd.

5月12日(土)六本木CUBEで行われた「SCRATCH」に出演しました! . 今回のイベントは理学療法士の方が主催しているイベントで会場には医療関係に従事している方々がほとんど。 . クラブイベントとしては新鮮な空気でした。 . みんな医療関係だからか雰囲気が温かかった! . フットバッグは医者が考案したリハビリトレーニングとして発祥したスポーツなので今後理学療法士さんらと一緒にその分野にアプローチしていければ良いなと思います。 . リハビリとしても活用されたい方はぜひお声がけください! . #footbag #フットバッグ #サッカー #フットサル #石田太志 #taishiishida #soccer #follow #世界一 #worldchampion #パフォーマンス #performanceart #performer #instalike #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instagramer #club #event #クラブ #イベント #クラブイベント #六本木 #cube #医療 #リハビリ #理学療法士 #作業療法士

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Road to Recovery

The road to recovery from ACL surgery was long and physio got repetitive. I picked up hacky sack to supplement my physio and work on balance and coordination! Feels pretty random, like I’m trying to relive a part of my youth that I missed or something ? but it is fun. Also makes for a good active homework break. . . I know I’m not remotely great but I came a long way from only being able to get 1-4 strikes! . . Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something new! Hit me up if boxing is something you would like to try?? . . And thanks for the beginner friendly hacky sack @southpawsieben . . . #idontknowwhattodowothmyhands #imjusttryingtoshowoff #footbag #aclrecovery #balancetraining #coordination training #pft #traindifferent #hacksack #fitness #yegpft

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This post shows footbag as a piece in the road to recovery from an ACL injury. It also show great control and improvement.

Big Background

Here’s the regular clip of someone doing a footbag trick in front of an awesome natural landscape.


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  1. Great idea! Couple of clips I missed. Thanks for sharing. I have a feeling the next one will contain a lot of Chinsen

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