Footbag on Instagram – June 2018

Here is another month of what’s going on around the footbag world of Instagram. It seems there are more and more players getting onboard and that’s great, I found it a wonderful way to share short clips as well as interact with the community around the world.

Here’s something from me to begin. The weather is getting colder now so I haven’t been playing as much as I would like.

Not much of a day but still getting in some #footbag tricks. #canberra

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Speaking of that community, a new addition has been an official Instagram account from the IFPA. Some great updates came from the European Footbag Championships in Kranj, Slovenia.

The event included action inside an empty swimming pool, which looks like a whole lot of fun.

In Poland, some of the younger generation were learning about the sport.

#footbag workshop for Kids. Golf ⛳ was the best game! Kick it!

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In the USA, Pete Bowler was impressing with big trials tricks off some impressive ledges.

Penn state footbag jam 2018 thanks for filming Pollini

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Looks like the World Cup fever had these guys out in the streets showing some skills with their circle kicking.

While the movie She’s All That brought some inspiration for this one.

Here’s a great run from Nick Polini.

There were trophies to be had at the East Coast Footbag Championship, and they looked awesome.

The World Cup in Russia has allowed the players there to do some big performances, such as this one.

And here we have a Japanese Joker in Mexico with a couple of tricks, just to make things a bit more worldly.