Footbag on Instagram – July 2018

The World Footbag Championships has been and gone, with Patrik Černýbecoming the new Routines champion and Taishi Ishida having a great tournament to take the Overall Freestyle title.

Here’s a little of what’s been happening in the footbag world according to Instagram this past month.

World Footbag Championships

シュレッド30部門を優勝し、更に全種目の総合優勝も果たして世界一になりました!!!! . 皆さんの応援とサポートによって「運」を引き寄せる事が出来ました。 本当にありがとうございます。 . これから日本に帰国し、多くの方にフットバッグを知って頂けるように活動します。 . イベントやメディア出演などご興味を持たれた方がいらっしゃればご連絡ください! . #footbag #フットバッグ #サッカー #フットサル #石田太志 #taishiishida #soccer #follow #世界一 #worldchampion #パフォーマンス #performanceart #performer #instalike #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instagramer #総合優勝 #overallchampion #bulgaria #sofia #表彰式 #ブルガリア #ソフィア#表彰台 #金メダル

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順当に勝ち上がり、昨日はシュレッド30とサークルコンテストの決勝が行われ、僕が持っている力は出しきれました!結果は本当に微妙なところ! . 今日、最後の種目であるシングルルーチン」部門の決勝があり、その後に結果発表と表彰式があります。 . 苦手なリクエストコンテストは4位でした。 . まずは昨日の結果を気にせず、今日の最後の種目に集中したいと思います! . おかげさまで怪我もなく、こちらの環境にも慣れ、いつも通りのプレーができてきています。 . うまいプレイヤーでも本番になると足が震えていたりします。 . とにかくメンタル面が大切なのでイベントでのパフォーマンスだと思って臨みたいと思います! . #footbag #フットバッグ #サッカー #フットサル #石田太志 #taishiishida #soccer #follow #世界一 #worldchampion #パフォーマンス #performanceart #performer #instalike #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instagramer #世界大会 #ブルガリア #ソフィア #bulgaria #sofia #jump #competition

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Another year and another Worlds in the bag. This is a great shot of Taishi Ishida on the podium in Sofia, Bulgaria. He won the Shred 30 event as well as the Overall category after strong results in Routines (2nd) and Circle (4th).

Keep Kicking After Worlds

Hopefully Worlds will have inspired people to get kicking, whether they made it to the tournament or not. Jana Riisalo has been straight back into action after some silver medal performances in Bulgaria.

Team Poland

Poland had a strong showing at Worlds, in both net and freestyle.

Live Action from Worlds

I would have loved to see some more of this over the Worlds and I think we will in the future on the official social media channels, but here’s a clip from Rafał Kaleta, going big as per usual.

Mind:Blown in Detroit

The Michigan crew is really going from strength to strength. They also managed to capture a great piece of crowd reaction in this video.

Throw way back Thursday

Here is a great Throwback Thursday post made from Joseph Muscolino, doing a huge flying clipper in the Austrian Alps with a great story about the earlier days of the sport.

I have decided to occasionally do a “throw back thursday” #tbt with a more personal (less content-oriented post). – So here is my first ever tbt… ? This is 1985 in the Austrian Alps when I was lucky enough to be Eurailing through Europe (and living on $5 a day!) and I was playing “footbag” (brand name known as Hackeysack). – When I was in chiropractic school in Portland, Oregon, I was lucky enough to meet Johnny Stalberger, the fellow who invented the Hackysack footbag. And I became friends with all the best kickers in the world and I played a lot!! – Here I am doing a flying clipper kick where I hit the footbag with my right foot behind my left leg. If you look closely, you will see the footbag at my chest height. – It was SOOO much fun playing footbag when I was younger! #tbt #footbag #hackysack #austria #alps #eurail #joemuscolino

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Free-style with Chris Dean

Chris Dean is all dressed up for the occasion and still hitting some great tricks.

Chinsen Footbag

Christopher Schillem is one of the latest high level players to join Instagram and sharing a few of their tricks. He hasn’t been mucking around either, with huge combos like this one.

Rapa Nui Footbag

This is actually something I would love to do sometime. Having lived in Chile for a few years, I didn’t get the chance to make it to Easter Island, but this young player has got some shots of himself playing in front of the moai.

Into the sunset

What a way to enjoy the evening – drink a beer and going for a full hack on the beach.

So that’s enough from me. I can’t recommend Instagram enough as a channel for sharing short footbag videos. I was putting up a video most days this year but I have dropped off on that one in recent times. Here’s a clip from a few days ago.

Some #footbag tricks after a long day.

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