Footbag on Instagram – August 2018

We’re into August now, Worlds have been and gone and there have been some more cool footbag events. Here we go with another monthly wrap of what’s happening on Instragram in the footbag world.

Here’s something from me. to begin. I had a problem with one file failing to upload so I haven’t put up to many clips myself this month, but that’s resolved now.

Lunchtime #footbag session

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Happy Birthday Honza

It was multiple time World Champion Honza Weber’s birthday recently, and he celebrated by going to a dinosaur park. How fun! There is a dinosaur museum here in Canberra and I have kicked there a few times over the years.

Hacky Sack Chicks

I just came across this account recently and they look like they are having a lot of fun. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

The mid-hack shoe tie! #freestylehack #hackychics #footbag #keepitup

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Revup Record

It’s no secret that Nick Polini is pretty good at reverse swirl based tricks. Here’s five toe revups (reverse swirling pickup) to prove it.

Bembel Cup

The German event celebrated ten years in Frankfurt.  It’s mainly a net event but always attracts a few freestylers as well. There’s not as much net action on Instagram, but there are plenty of clips from the event on the Frankfurt Footbag page.


I haven’t heard of this band before, but they play hack on tour and have released seven or so albums, so they must be doing something right. More bands should do this on tour.

The beast of Marcin

I don’t think Marcin Bujko is particularly active in footbag these days, but he’s definitely still got it. This clip starts off with a beast combo.

#boneym na rapie ??⚽ #footbag #hackysack

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In case you forgot about his style, here’s a longer video.

Salem Double Switch Jam

The Salem Double Switch Jam looked like an awesome time with cool prizes, international guests and some great shred. There are longer videos around from the event as well, I would love to visit sometime.


Rising Ryan

I have really enjoyed seeing the improvement this year from Ryan Morris, he is just getting better and better and sharing plenty of clips along the way.

Two Bags

Here’s Angelo Rendon with some fun two bag juggling tricks. Nice and stylish.

Not always so easy

For the last one of this month a drawing that I just came across. Sometimes kicking is not so easy, and that will often put some people off, especially looking to progress from beginning with kicks into getting onto the harder tricks.

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