Footbag on Instagram – September 2018

This is another monthly installment of a look at what’s happening with the footbag community on Instagram. This one is slightly late, though it’s still September in most of the world.

Personally, I haven’t been as active on the ‘Gram as in previous months, but I’ll try to return to more regular broadcasting in the near future.

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#footbag tricks in the Spring weather.

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Let’s have a look what else is happening around the footbag world.

Matt Kemmer in Europe

Matt Kemmer is showing off his smooth style all around Europe, he seems to pop up at any event happening lately. Here’s a drill from one of his sessions in Poland.

Furious Josh

Josh Gayhart has made a strong return to the scene in recent times and he certainly isn’t mucking around. Here is a great clip of him hitting Fury on both sides in the one string for the very first time.

Gyro Janiwalker

This is huge from Rafal Kaleta, with the Gyro Janiwalker. He makes it look too easy!

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Gyro JANIWALK #footbag #freestyle #sport #fun

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Pre 40 Bucket List

Filmmaker Jason Bolanis has been working on a “pre 40 bucket list” and it seems footbag is his next challenge. Doesn’t look like the vlog has come out yet but it does seem to be the next episode coming.

Vasek In Japan

Vasek Klouda was recently in attendance at the Japanese Footbag Championships. This clip shows a short performance which is the perfect size from the 1 minute limit on Instagram. There are plenty more photos and videos on his Instagram from the tournament.

Japanese Footbag Championships

Vasek was not the only international guest in Japan. China’s Bruce Li made the journey to the event and has posted some great photos.


Spinning Around

This is a really different style of spin from Ryan Thomas. It’s actually something I’ve been thinking of trying lately, bringing a bit of influence from skating. I haven’t been able to hit anything yet though so I will have to try again after seeing this.

Ruffkicks Bulgaria

Here is some net action from the Ruffkicks club in Bulgaria. Sofia hosted the World Championships this year. The host cities for the upcoming Worlds should be announced in the near future.

Juggling Inspiration

Kevin Hogan and Nick Polini were recently involved in the Boston Juggling Festival. You can see a lot of the different Flow Arts in the background of this video and Kevin taking a little inspiration.


Workout World

I find that gyms have a bit of a strange place in footbag. Some people will do extra training for footbag fitness, some people will be able to play their session in the gym, some other gyms will not let you play. It’s nice to see a gym encouraging footbag as a new sport to people there.






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