Footbag on Instagram – October 2018

The months fly by and here is another round up of what’s happening with footbag on Instagram. There are plenty of players sharing their tricks from all over the world.

Here’s something from me at the Melbourne Central YHA rooftop. I actually shared a similar clip from the same location about a year before.

Rafał Kaleta – Barraging SS Motion

This is someone who has featured a number of times in these monthly roundups.  This is a trick I’m not sure I have seen before. He is someone who has been on the scene a long time, but really keeps pushing the boundaries lately.

Austrian Championships

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Austrian Championships Warm Up

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This time of year there are plenty of competitions throughout Europe and the Austrian Championships had a great attendance. Here’s a clip from before the competition with Dominik Simku in fine form.

Blurry Drifter – In Pants

It’s most common for footbag players to be wearing short sports shorts in order to have room to move around the bag. Not everybody needs that though, and here’s a smooth Blurry Drifter from Japan.

Franck Remy Footbag

Franck Remy is renowned across various disciplines and here is a cool little run of hims playing some footbag in Portugal. Looking at his profile he has recently competed at the King’s Cup for Sepak Takraw in Thailand as well.

Honza in the Seychelles

Honza Weber recently treated us to a video of his time in the Seychelles, with some amazing backdrops. It was also the location of his wedding, so congrats to the new couple! Here is a clip at this side of a cliff with some big ocean views with some different swirl varieties.

Pawel Motorov in Russia

This memory post looks to be a throwback to the World Cup held in Russia earlier this year, with Pawel Motorov putting on a performance for the passing crowds.

Horse Chestnuts

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Mads Hole recently featured Vasek Klouda and Dominik Simku using horse chestnuts to kick with in one of his videos from the World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. Looking at the video, they work just fine, straight from the tree!

Shredding at the Louvre

I mentioned earlier it has been a busy time in Europe with regular competition, and Matt Kemmer has been to quite a few of them. I am always a fan of kicking in front of iconic buildings, so here is a clip from Paris.

Footbag Advertising

Footbag is part of an advertising campaign in Canada encourage more physical activity. Apparently doing so will have you “pooping better”! Camille Surovy is showing her skills in the video.

Muppet Footbag

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? “One fine afternoon, young princess Piggy took a walk in the forest in her bonnet, dirndl, and clogs. She carried with her a golden hacky sack, for hacking was her favorite hobby. For hours at a time she would bounce the little bean-filled bag from foot to foot. She had made an effort to play with it less, but alas, she couldn’t kick the habit…” 〰️〰️〰️ There’s more where that came from (sorry? ?) inside #Muppets “#FairyTales from the #BrothersGrimm,” out now and scientifically engineered to tickle every reader age 8 to 88. And best of all, it features amazing illustrations by ??? Find it on Amazon or at your local bookstore ? and we THANK YOU for the support ??

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Now this a new take on some classic stories, with a Muppet appearance as well, with Miss Piggy playing with her “Golden Hacky Sack”. It looks to be from a collection of Muppets-related takes on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.


Footbag on Instagram – September 2018

This is another monthly installment of a look at what’s happening with the footbag community on Instagram. This one is slightly late, though it’s still September in most of the world.

Personally, I haven’t been as active on the ‘Gram as in previous months, but I’ll try to return to more regular broadcasting in the near future.

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#footbag tricks in the Spring weather.

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Let’s have a look what else is happening around the footbag world.

Matt Kemmer in Europe

Matt Kemmer is showing off his smooth style all around Europe, he seems to pop up at any event happening lately. Here’s a drill from one of his sessions in Poland.

Furious Josh

Josh Gayhart has made a strong return to the scene in recent times and he certainly isn’t mucking around. Here is a great clip of him hitting Fury on both sides in the one string for the very first time.

Gyro Janiwalker

This is huge from Rafal Kaleta, with the Gyro Janiwalker. He makes it look too easy!

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Gyro JANIWALK #footbag #freestyle #sport #fun

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Pre 40 Bucket List

Filmmaker Jason Bolanis has been working on a “pre 40 bucket list” and it seems footbag is his next challenge. Doesn’t look like the vlog has come out yet but it does seem to be the next episode coming.

Vasek In Japan

Vasek Klouda was recently in attendance at the Japanese Footbag Championships. This clip shows a short performance which is the perfect size from the 1 minute limit on Instagram. There are plenty more photos and videos on his Instagram from the tournament.

Japanese Footbag Championships

Vasek was not the only international guest in Japan. China’s Bruce Li made the journey to the event and has posted some great photos.


Spinning Around

This is a really different style of spin from Ryan Thomas. It’s actually something I’ve been thinking of trying lately, bringing a bit of influence from skating. I haven’t been able to hit anything yet though so I will have to try again after seeing this.

Ruffkicks Bulgaria

Here is some net action from the Ruffkicks club in Bulgaria. Sofia hosted the World Championships this year. The host cities for the upcoming Worlds should be announced in the near future.

Juggling Inspiration

Kevin Hogan and Nick Polini were recently involved in the Boston Juggling Festival. You can see a lot of the different Flow Arts in the background of this video and Kevin taking a little inspiration.


Workout World

I find that gyms have a bit of a strange place in footbag. Some people will do extra training for footbag fitness, some people will be able to play their session in the gym, some other gyms will not let you play. It’s nice to see a gym encouraging footbag as a new sport to people there.






Footbag on Instagram – August 2018

We’re into August now, Worlds have been and gone and there have been some more cool footbag events. Here we go with another monthly wrap of what’s happening on Instragram in the footbag world.

Here’s something from me. to begin. I had a problem with one file failing to upload so I haven’t put up to many clips myself this month, but that’s resolved now.

Lunchtime #footbag session

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Happy Birthday Honza

It was multiple time World Champion Honza Weber’s birthday recently, and he celebrated by going to a dinosaur park. How fun! There is a dinosaur museum here in Canberra and I have kicked there a few times over the years.

Hacky Sack Chicks

I just came across this account recently and they look like they are having a lot of fun. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

The mid-hack shoe tie! #freestylehack #hackychics #footbag #keepitup

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Revup Record

It’s no secret that Nick Polini is pretty good at reverse swirl based tricks. Here’s five toe revups (reverse swirling pickup) to prove it.

Bembel Cup

The German event celebrated ten years in Frankfurt.  It’s mainly a net event but always attracts a few freestylers as well. There’s not as much net action on Instagram, but there are plenty of clips from the event on the Frankfurt Footbag page.


I haven’t heard of this band before, but they play hack on tour and have released seven or so albums, so they must be doing something right. More bands should do this on tour.

The beast of Marcin

I don’t think Marcin Bujko is particularly active in footbag these days, but he’s definitely still got it. This clip starts off with a beast combo.

#boneym na rapie ??⚽ #footbag #hackysack

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In case you forgot about his style, here’s a longer video.

Salem Double Switch Jam

The Salem Double Switch Jam looked like an awesome time with cool prizes, international guests and some great shred. There are longer videos around from the event as well, I would love to visit sometime.


Rising Ryan

I have really enjoyed seeing the improvement this year from Ryan Morris, he is just getting better and better and sharing plenty of clips along the way.

Two Bags

Here’s Angelo Rendon with some fun two bag juggling tricks. Nice and stylish.

Not always so easy

For the last one of this month a drawing that I just came across. Sometimes kicking is not so easy, and that will often put some people off, especially looking to progress from beginning with kicks into getting onto the harder tricks.

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Footbag on Instagram – June 2018

Here is another month of what’s going on around the footbag world of Instagram. It seems there are more and more players getting onboard and that’s great, I found it a wonderful way to share short clips as well as interact with the community around the world.

Here’s something from me to begin. The weather is getting colder now so I haven’t been playing as much as I would like.

Not much of a day but still getting in some #footbag tricks. #canberra

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Speaking of that community, a new addition has been an official Instagram account from the IFPA. Some great updates came from the European Footbag Championships in Kranj, Slovenia.

The event included action inside an empty swimming pool, which looks like a whole lot of fun.

In Poland, some of the younger generation were learning about the sport.

#footbag workshop for Kids. Golf ⛳ was the best game! Kick it!

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In the USA, Pete Bowler was impressing with big trials tricks off some impressive ledges.

Penn state footbag jam 2018 thanks for filming Pollini

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Looks like the World Cup fever had these guys out in the streets showing some skills with their circle kicking.

While the movie She’s All That brought some inspiration for this one.

Here’s a great run from Nick Polini.

There were trophies to be had at the East Coast Footbag Championship, and they looked awesome.

The World Cup in Russia has allowed the players there to do some big performances, such as this one.

And here we have a Japanese Joker in Mexico with a couple of tricks, just to make things a bit more worldly.



Footbag on Instagram – May 2018

This is the second edition in a monthly roundup of footbag clips from Instagram. You can see the previous round here.

I’ve been trying to put a clip up myself each day, though it’s not always possible, especially with a new baby.

I was happy to catch the autumn colours, as well as the weird statues of the Canberra city centre today with this clip.

Playing #footbag in downtown #canberra

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Here’s a few clips.

Endless Rhodes

First up we have some unique style from California’s Dustin Rhodes. A finalist at Worlds in 2013, we haven’t seen so much video of him lately, so it’s great to see him showing these tricks.

Boats Bags

Two strings #footbag #hackysack #freestylefootbag #freestyle #sport

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Sticking in the USA, and continuing with the unique style, is Mr “Boats”, another of the recent additions to the growing ranks of footbag players on Instagram.

As Matt Cross says in the comments: “My favorite thing about your style is that nearly every trick is a surprise.”

Double Trouble

The next trick is from Sergio Garcia and Paloma Mayo, I’m not sure I’ve seen this trick down before. A good chance to come to close for comfort on the Magellan trick there!

The Bruce Li of Footbag

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Bruce Li has been an exciting prospect in the footbag world, bringing his Jianzi skills from competing at the highest level in the freestyle shuttlecock events.

I haven’t seen his Instagram before so I’ve actually delved a little into the past to get this clip.

Hands and Feet

This clip is not essentially footbag, but it is impressive nonetheless. It’s from Erin Stephens, an awesome juggler. She has a number of these feet and hands combos on her Instagram page.

Camping Hacks

Introduce a #hackysack and suddenly it’s #1994 on this campsite. @perrytrinier

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A lot of people got into circle kicking and footbag through camping, hiking and adventure magazines. This clip shows someone bringing back their own memories through playing hack on the campsite. It also makes great use of the “Boomerang” style.


Once again, not strictly footbag, but just take a look at how many people are playing. I’ve been in Vietnam and this is a regular scene with people playing the sport of  đá cầu, another shuttlecock game.

And the crowd goes wild

Taishi Ishida has done so much great work for footbag in Japan. Here he is giving a live performance and getting a great reception from the crowd.

5月12日(土)六本木CUBEで行われた「SCRATCH」に出演しました! . 今回のイベントは理学療法士の方が主催しているイベントで会場には医療関係に従事している方々がほとんど。 . クラブイベントとしては新鮮な空気でした。 . みんな医療関係だからか雰囲気が温かかった! . フットバッグは医者が考案したリハビリトレーニングとして発祥したスポーツなので今後理学療法士さんらと一緒にその分野にアプローチしていければ良いなと思います。 . リハビリとしても活用されたい方はぜひお声がけください! . #footbag #フットバッグ #サッカー #フットサル #石田太志 #taishiishida #soccer #follow #世界一 #worldchampion #パフォーマンス #performanceart #performer #instalike #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instagramer #club #event #クラブ #イベント #クラブイベント #六本木 #cube #医療 #リハビリ #理学療法士 #作業療法士

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Road to Recovery

The road to recovery from ACL surgery was long and physio got repetitive. I picked up hacky sack to supplement my physio and work on balance and coordination! Feels pretty random, like I’m trying to relive a part of my youth that I missed or something ? but it is fun. Also makes for a good active homework break. . . I know I’m not remotely great but I came a long way from only being able to get 1-4 strikes! . . Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something new! Hit me up if boxing is something you would like to try?? . . And thanks for the beginner friendly hacky sack @southpawsieben . . . #idontknowwhattodowothmyhands #imjusttryingtoshowoff #footbag #aclrecovery #balancetraining #coordination training #pft #traindifferent #hacksack #fitness #yegpft

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This post shows footbag as a piece in the road to recovery from an ACL injury. It also show great control and improvement.

Big Background

Here’s the regular clip of someone doing a footbag trick in front of an awesome natural landscape.


Footbag on Instagram – April 2018

I am planning to do a couple of segments that pick up some of the clips that go across the social media networks and might not get seen by the rest of the community. The first one of these will be from Instagram.

Some #footbag tricks on the runway. Canberra Airport open day.

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I’ve been trying to put up a clip daily on there and I find it a really good format. There are quite a few footbag players on there but there’s always room for more!

I’m just going to take about 10 clips from recent times that have impressed me.

It’ll be mainly freestyle footbag clips, as there is minimal footbag net on Instagram. However I’m opening up with this one, which is actually a set of pictures.

Footbag Medellin – Walt and Francois visit

Encuentro de #footbagnet #footbagMedellín #FootbagNetColombia #footbag

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The crew in Medellin, Colombia have had some high profile net players visiting. Walt Houston and Francois Pelletier have made the journey down to South America and seem to be having a great time. I have fond memories of my own visit to Medellin, so no surprises there.

Brayan “Bracho” Stiven

Sticking in Colombia, this one is from a couple of months ago, but shows a cool street show from Brayan Stiven. Hopefully one day we will see him compete at Worlds.

Por q esto es mi vida… 100% #footbag #freestyle

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Paloma in Spain

Keeping on the Spanish language theme, Paloma has been doing awesome things with both footbag and freestyle football. This particular post had more than 1000 views.

Honza Weber – Adidas Tango

We don’t see too much of Honza Weber on the competitive scene these days, but he is still doing a lot of performances and you see some of the behind the scenes vision on his Instagram.

While everyone is always looking for the ideal shoe, he has made use of the Adidas Tango 18.1 model – they seem to do the job!

Vasek in Lights

Here’s something from Vasek Klouda, all lit up. He is doing a performance in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It looks awesome.


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Nick Landes showing off

Nick Landes has recently been active on Instagram and his clips have not disappointed. This one is a gym clip using a really large orange show bag – he still shows great control.

Small string of #freestyle #footbag #hackysack #shred

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College Kicking

This one brings the level of shred down, but that’s what it’s all about – having fun kicking a bag around. I don’t know anything about these guys, but they look to be having a great time.

Grand Canyon Kicking

I am a big fan of kicking with awesome natural backdrops – so this one of the Grand Canyon impressed me.

Hacky sack in Arizona. #grandcanyon #arizona #hackysack #vacation #tomboyx #dirtbag

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Brian Bear – Morpheus bsos

I don’t think this is a recent clip, but big combo anyway.

Houdini Polini

This is just one trick, and Nick has many more advanced videos on Instagram, but the view behind the newest member of BAP is awesome.


Daily Instagram #Footbag Posts

Lately I have  been trying to put a post up on Instagram of me playing #footbag – some have been better than others, but I have been quite consistent about it, posting every day now for about a month.

Here are a couple of highlights.


Alpine blurry whirl> motion sickness #footbag. Happy with that one.

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6 add trick playing on a hexagon. #footbag

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Made a quick trip down the coast today. Here is some #footbag

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So there are just a few, you can see a few more on my Instagram account.

It has been a really good motivation to do some footbag each day, and also to try and do some different tricks from time to time. A few of the places are regular spots, like the tennis courts near where I drop off Nico for daycare, while I have been able to get some good backgrounds with rivers or beaches.



Late Night Shred

Kicking in the cold in the middle of winter has been a big part of my game over the last couple years. I have a space in the garage that allows to play pretty much anytime, though maybe it would be worth putting a little heater in there to warm it up before going in there.

Today I had a short session, about 30 mins. By the time I finished I had a few good little tricks ticked off. I was particularly happy with parkwalk swirl, which I have hit before, but not for a long time. On my first attempts I was nowhere near, but in time I got there.

Back to the late night garage #footbag sessions.

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New trick for the session, or at least I don’t think I’ve hit it before. Flipside spinning ducking legover.

The Swiss Planetfootbag are shutting up shop and they put some Quantums online for sale. I don’t really know if they’ll fit me, they might be slightly to big, but I order 3 pairs. They are either 12s or 13s and it seems Quantums are one size up on Lavers, so that should be fine, though the 13s might be pushing it. I also got a couple of pairs of shorts and a wallet. If I have to pay the shipping, I may as well stock up.

Wallet FE-06Quantum Footbag Shoe V3 / White
I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Some people were suggesting the new Quantum models would come out at this Worlds.
So tomorrow I finish up my practical experience and I finish up my degree. That’s really exciting. I’ve applied for a job that is available at a school just walking distance from here – that would be a pretty amazing start, but we will see how things go. I better get some rest for my last day.