Oldterviews: Lise Thygesen

From 2009 till 2010 I did a series interviews of some of the best players, go-getters, organizers and all around important people of our sport at that point. I now bring all of the interviews, for the first time collected, chronologically here on the site. Some of the people are as relevant today as they were back then, others have faded a little, but all of the interviews contain strong opinions, an interesting look into a footbag life and/or great advice about our sport. This week’s interview is with Lise Thygesen. Here we go:

Lise Thygesen is a freestyle footbagplayer, firespinner, big city girl and an ex shred30 world champion from Copenhagen, Denmark currently located in Africa.

Hey Lise

Describe a typical day in the life of Lise Thygesen?

Wake up > Beat myself up for oversleeping (and missing school) > Do nerdy stuff on my computer > Footbag > Work > More nerding or hanging out with people and having adult fun > Go to sleep late –Rpt.

Why and how did you start to play footbag?

I was always fascinated by odd skills. The human body is capable of learning so many interesting things. It never ceases to surprise me and I love that. Years back I spent lots of time hacky-sacking. Me and my hacky friends thought we were really something, inventing tricks and all..! haha. When I was finally introduced to footbag it really blew my mind. All of sudden I was seeing things I couldn’t even comprehend, and it looked so spectacular and awesome! After attending my first tournament in Frankfurt 2003 I decided to start practicing and try to learn some of those crazy skills. Have been pretty much addicted since then.

You have been to tournaments all over Europe for quite some years now. What is the best tournament you have ever attended?

There have been so many awesome tournament experiences through the years. It’s hard to pick out a best one, but maybe Worlds 2006 in Frankfurt. That one seems to really stand out in my memory as a thoroughly fantastic week. I have a feeling Worlds in Prague this summer will be epic too.

You are known as a player with a fantastic style but what do you self like about your game?

I like to try and focus on how my game looks to non-footbaggers. This sometimes makes it a fun and interesting thing to watch, which I like. Other than that I like the ducking and diving stuff..! But to be honest I’m not a huge fan of my style. There are lots of guys out there that are way more pleasant to watch.

What do you dislike about your style?

Slurryness. Sloppyness. Out-of-balance-ness.. Makes me cringe…. almost! haha

What position does footbag have in your life right now?

I guess you could say that footbag is a pretty big part of my life. I still tend to try and make other things in my life revolve round it, although my excitement for the sport is not quite the same as it used to be. I’ve stopped spending all my money on tournaments and I guess also picked up my old party-lifestyle a bit. That being said I’m not sure I can think of a cooler sport and I still play pretty often. I really like all the people I get to hang out and play with and feel very fortunate to have met so many incredible individuals through this sport. You guys! You’re all stars.

What position do you think it will take in the future?

Hmm.. Part of what got me so excited about footbag was the fact that I could surprise myself skill wise. But I’m starting to feel that my limits have been reached, and have been thinking a lot about finding some other activity to get me excited and motivated to work hard. Could be fun… I don’t imagine I’d completely stop footbag just yet, but maybe just tone it down to a ‘secondary sport’ with focus on the social and sunny experiences.

I hear you are in Africa right now. Why is that?

Various reasons. Main one being that my dad moved here half a year ago and I wanted to come visit. I lost my heart to Africa when I was very young, having lived most of my childhood here. Also, the rest of my family is spread out all over the world and I didn’t feel like being the last one left in cold, wet and windy Denmark. I can do my school stuff from here, thanks to the www. And it seems I can do bigger tricks too!

What are your plans for this summer?

Roskilde Festival. I’ve attended this music festival since 1996 and it has always been my favourite week of the year. Also going to Portugal on a family holiday which I look very much forward to. I really like this country and I really love my family. Then of course Worlds in Prague. No need to say how cool this will be. Might have to do some work in between to afford these plans… The rest of the time I plan to be enjoying Dopenhagen, just cruisin’ and chillin’ wearing sun glasses and big smiles.

Any chance of you winning back your world shred30 champion title from Tina this year?

Sure. If Tina and the other girls all get sick or break their legs, I should have a fair chance. 😀

Why do you think there are more male than female footbag players?

Girls like to chit-chat and go shopping. And send text messages and dress like they’re on MTV. And not sweat in public. Haha.. No, I really don’t know the answer to that question. I have many theories though, but I’ll spare you from my blabber.

Do you feel like a female in a male world when attending footbag session or tournaments?

Yes, sometimes. But I don’t mind too much. I like hanging out with guys.

Okay, before we end this interview – a question from Matt Cross: “Will you marry me?”

Of course.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to do this Lise. Do you have any shout outs?

Mads and Mads for encouraging and supporting me ever since the first day we met, and doing so much for the sport in our little country. (which is a lot!)

Also my sister Anne for always being there. When I first started getting obsessed with this sport, she put up with so much talk, viewing of random videos and all sorts of other nerdyness from me. I’m sure she didn’t find it half as interesting as I did, but was just being the good sister that she is. I love her. Today she plays footbag too and I feel really lucky to be able to share the passion with one of the most important people in my life.

Video by Mads Hole

Lise’s website: http://www.lisethygesen.com/

Written by Asmus Helms

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