Warming up is a great and important thing but many footbaggers don’t do it or don’t do it right.

You should warm up because of 3 things:

1. The most important reason is that it makes easier to avoid injuries such as shin splints and overuse injuries.

2. You will warm your muscles up to actions slowly instead of just jumping right into them. That way, you can keep up the activity longer and push your body harder.

3. The last thing you get out of warming up is the psychological part of it. Your start thinking about footbag and you get more focused. Adrenalin starts its rush and you feel ready.

The thing that happens when you warm up is that the chemical reactions start going faster. Your nerve fibres responsiveness starts getting better, your muscles can stretch more and your heart is ready to put up with the strenuous exercise and pump blood and oxygen into your muscles and carry waste away from your muscles.

Warming up should take around 20 minutes. You should start out in a slow tempo for 5 minutes and then you should move on to the 2 over parts. The general part and the special part.

“The general part” is about warming up your big muscle groups, your legs, back and stomach. This should be done with normal muscle exercises, jumping and running exercises and low impact moves such as Spinning, Ducking, Stalls and BOP’s ( Butterfly, Osis and Pdx Mirage)

“The special part” should be focused on the places the most people get injuries – Shins and knees. If you had problems with other parts you should also warm those up thorough!

When you are finished with warming up it can be a good idea to stretch.

Remember to listen to your body!

When you are finished with your session it can be a good idea, to slow down slowly with BOPs and Stalls. By doing this you can maybe avoid overuse injuries and maybe reduce the pain you would feel the next day.


Written by Asmus Helms.

Thanks to Peng for helping with the article.

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