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Hey footbaggers

For our sport to survive and evolve we constantly need people to take off their shred gear and put on their workwear and do something for footbag.

Here are some ways to get involved:


Greetings IFPA Members,

As you know, IFPA is a non-profit volunteer organization.

Global footbag scene is run by this group of people with passion.

The organization is ultimately led by the Board of Directors, elected by the players (or in some cases, appointed by the executive director).

It is time again for the election for positions on the IFPA Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is elected by all footbag players worldwide.

Actual Board of Directors list:

Wiktor Dębski Executive Director

Julie Symons Secretary

Tim Vozar Treasurer

Grischa Tellenbachbach Sanctioning Director

Caroline Birch Membership Director

Alex Dworetzkytzky Rules Director

Daniel Boyle Education Director

Nick Polini Marketing Director

See working group for more details:

There are 3 positions on the Board that need to be filled.

  1. Executive Director, (3 years of Term, 2017-2019) The mission of this position is to run the IFPA as a whole association, Ensure that all IFPA activities support our purpose.

It’a a wide range task, that includes co-working with every World Footbag Championships, Run elections, Approve expenses, etc.

  1. Rules Director (3 year Term, 2017-2019) Such person works as a chairman of International Footbag Committee (IFC) to keep the Official Rules of Footbag Sports up to date.

Consults potential rules changes with the players’s community and incorporate new rules into the Rule Book.

See more here:

  1. Membership Director (3 year Term, 2017-2019)

The duties are to look after the members database.

Update the status of members if needed.

Ask new players to register to account., etc.

Nominations are welcome until November 19, 2016, for any of these positions.

After the nomination period there will be an online election.

The election will be set online in late November.

Please send your nominations to or the me


Thanks for your support,

Wiktor Debski

IFPA Executive Director

About IFPA: IFPA is a charitable (US 501c3) non-profit corporation dedicated

to the sport of footbag world-wide.

IFPA provides you with the website, the annual World Footbag

Championships, the Rules of Footbag, and more.

Are you not ready to take a director position? The current and coming directors can always use a hand – feel free to contact them and offer your help.

Not interested in IFPA? You can also get involved the following ways:


The EFC is the IFPA body responsible for the oversight of the development of footbag sports in Europe. One of its main responsibilities is the organisation of the European Footbag Championships as it moves from country to country each summer.


Contact your local club and get involved there. har a list of local clubs here:

Other ways to get involved:

– Host a footbag tournament or jam

Help Nick Polini with his instagram account.

– Write something for

– Make a footbag video

Help Grischa with updating IFPA Players’ Rankings.

– Teach and spread the word

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