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Footbag has been a big part of my life since at least 1994. I’ve attended many tournaments, but have only listed ones below where I’ve been involved in either competition, judging, or volunteering in some way. I’ve consulted on many other footbag projects than those listed. I’ve published hundreds of videos garnering tens of thousands of views, and acted as an ambassador to and promoter of footbag sports to countless individuals over the course of my career.

1989 First Hacky Sack (real blue-beige 2-panel pigskin)
1992 Started kicking in high school parking lot
1994 First saw real freestyle
1997 First Worlds. 27th place, Open.
1998 – 2002 freestyle@footbag.org moderator
1998 Toured local school system giving demonstrations
1999 Started publishing some of the first online videos; to present, over 100 videos published
1999 Russell Promotions Ireland campaign
1999 – 2003 Busking on Victoria/Vancouver streets
2000 World Footbag Championships; Judge, 19th Open
2001 – 2011 RevolutionFootbags.com; FreeomFootbags.com
2000 Innovated “Trials freestyle”
2001 Cameo in “Aggressive Grounds”
2001 World Footbag Championships, Judge
2001 Colorado Shred Symposium; Inducted into Big Add Posse
2002 – 2016 footbag.org/Forum Moderator & Admin
2002 Featured in “Where the Ripwalk Ends”
2002 Cameo in “Tricks of the Trade II”
2002 Seattle Juggling Footbag Festival, 1st place shred :30
2002 World Footbag Championships, Head Judge
2002 Footbag Worldwide logo (I’m so sorry)
2002 – 2003 IFPA Communications Director
2003 – 2006 IFPA Membership Director
2003 – present footbag.org technical contributor
2004 Featured in “Fourkast”
2004 Swiss Footjam; Judge
2005 Flipsider.com Team
2005 Victoria Footbag Jam (May Dayz), Organizer
2010 World Footbag Championships. Judging Coordinator, VIP Volunteer
2010 – present modified.in/footbag hosting & admin
2011 WorldFootbag.com redesign
2012 Joulukalenteri 2012
2013 modified redesign
2014 Badges project
2015 Joulukalenteri 2015
2015 Initiated historical archive videotape digital conversion
2016 Footbag.org redesign consulting; reference section rebuild; new moves database
2017 Worlds website
2017 IFPA Membership Director

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