SoleAir Powered

On March 11, 1998 I recorded the second-ever video footage of myself on the family VHS camcorder. I used that camera a fair bit over the coming years; what a beast. It was similar to this:

I’ve clipped out a few shots from this session, and from the one that I recorded  even earlier, back in late 1996.  I’ll probably publish it for fun, but I wanted to post this still I took where I’m walking away from the camera wearing my SoleAir Powered tank top that Jubal had given me as the “Team Victoria” shirt as we went to Worlds ’97 in Portland. I wish I still had this shirt, even though I’ve never liked wearing tank tops.

Anyhow, yeah, nostalgia post!

Double Spinning Osis > Double Inspinning Osis

Matt came over to the big Island today and we had a session at the Y. It was pretty short, and we both had some fun combos. We started out in the dance studio space that is my favourite spot in the facility, but we got kicked out by a class coming in. I recorded the the studio part, but after we left and went upstairs to the squash court, I ended up having to use my phone to play the music (couldn’t re-pair with Matt’s speakers on my MacBook), and you can’t play music and record video at the same time, so … I missed it. At the end of the session, it occurred to me to try a combo I’ve been attempting for at least 7 years: double spinning osis > double inspinning osis and nailed it on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. I felt fantastic. Eye-height set on both; it popped up so perfectly. That feeling: that’s why I play. Sucks that I didn’t catch it on video though.

Jer & Rainbows

I’ve had the good fortune to have had 3 very fun hack sessions with Jeremy Kumbruch recently. Jer gave me my first pair of lavers. Jeremy was on the Czech tour in 1999 that inspired Vasek. We’ve had a lot of fun just passing it back and forth and doing wacky shit. We’ve been playing at the Y in the squash courts there, and I’ve been having a blast playing off the walls.

I’ve been doing a lot more kicks recently, but like, Bloughchi-style kicks with tricks. Consecutive spinning kicks and rainbows. The other night got me thinking that Rainbow kicks are actually really hard to do with perfect form and arc. Next session I’m going to challenge myself to doing 20 consecutive rainbow kicks that have perfect arc, directly over my head.