the recent debate

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the recent debate

Post by jaminju » 29 Aug 2015 03:41

Hi folks.
I've never posted on this forum and I'm pretty bad at footbag.
My english is also pretty bad, so I don't think or expext that my opinions will be valued very high.

But watching this years world championships from the ( internet ) sidelines, and following the discussion which arouse afterwards, I would conclude :

There SHOULD be something like an overall World Champion.
And the main disciplines to determine the WC should be Circle and Routines.
Sick 3, Request and Shred 30 should be acknowledged, but only have a minor rate towards the overall wimmer.

The idea of a "people's champs" sounds nice but is in fact bad. Because it invalidates all the work the ( volunteering ) jugdes do. And there just is no need for something like that. If I watch the footage of circle finals, it is obvious that the crowd got most excited about Vasek's runs ( for good reason, that is ).

One last thing that came to my mind, rewatching circle finals and thinking about this whole stuff :
Did anyone mention or recognize, that Milan has very well deserved his title not only because of his routine, but also because he was CONSTANTLY pushing the other players in circle finals and always went over to give high 5s. Obviously this shouldn't be a point, when judging routines. But I was a little annoyed, that nobody on this forum was giving Milan props for his winning routine OR / AND his behaviour in circle finals.
Even if judging decision may have been debatable, I would surely give props to the guy who won the event.

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