G20 Protests

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G20 Protests

Post by BainbridgeShred » 05 Jul 2010 19:55

Lot of Canadian's on here, figure some of you have been involved in the protests or at least have some strong opinions on them. Please share.

From everything I hear, it sounds like a WTO Seattle Redux. From forced detention on buses and gymnasiums, to not targeting the actual trouble makers and so forth. It seems governments across the world are working from the same playbook in how they respond to these type of events.

How is the everyman in Canada reacting to the news? Has their been any sort of political backlash?

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Post by QuantumBalance » 06 Jul 2010 10:30

Smash a starbucks and flip an abandoned popo wagon for nice photo ops, Mr and Ms Provocateur.

Hey if you are brave enough watch this video and get ready for your corporate prison future:


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Post by Jeremy » 06 Jul 2010 16:35

I would say the protests, and perhaps because of a small violent element (although I don't know) are doing far more harm than good. It's hard to understand what they're hoping to achieve, but it certainly turns people away from their cause, and in our polar world, that means pushing them towards the governments represented. If they do want to achieve their claimed goals, it's clearly the majority of the population they need to convince, and these kinds of protests do the opposite.

I also think, given the current economic and political climate, that these kinds of meetings are incredibly important and need to be encouraged. More than anything else the global financial crisis has demonstrated just how networked and connected the world is, and local decisions in parts of one country influence the entire planet. Therefore we need to be addressing these kinds of problems in a multinational context.

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