Canberra, Australia via SCL - Daniel Boyle

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Re: Canberra, Australia via SCL - Daniel Boyle

Post by boyle » 17 Sep 2021 03:25

It's been about a month since I posted.

Worlds is done and dusted.

This was my little contribution (sideline events) ... ne-events/

The whole idea was to have something that players who weren't going in the main events, could have something to go for. Thanks to Bruce Li in China, there was some decent competition in each event.

I feel I could have done a bit more to boost the event up etc, but we really got into a vortext of time consuming things.

Before we get to that, let's talk about my birthday.

I am 37 now, so in reality I should be probably winding down in terms of ability and skill and speed and whatever. But you look at Ken and Lon, and further into the future some of these older players and maybe there's still a while to go. Maybe also my counting is not what it once was.

Anyway, we are still in lockdown so for my birthday we had a Google Meet + Kahoot Quiz. Nothing like doing exactly what you do all day long for your part. But it worked quite well and was quite fun. Since we're on a footbag blog - Caroline, Copey and Dyalan were in attendance. It was good to have people from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc, a bunch of places in Australia.

Another day I'll do a personal review into Worlds and how I went, but I was glad to compete in each event. I wasn't really happy about how I went in any of them, particularly Shred 30. That was my big hope after last year and probably my worst result. I have a feeling I had a slightly higher scoring video but maybe I sent the wrong one. Didn't make much difference anyway.

Will be interesting to see what the scenario for next year is. I have no idea at this stage.

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