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Keep a diary of what you're hitting, what's frustrating you, and your goals.
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Re: FuteBlaug (PSU)

Post by Muffinman » 19 Jan 2018 07:18

Yeah, it was great seeing you at NYJ also.
Good to see you blogging.
Wow you went to a lot of events last year! And props on training so consistently. It's so weird to hear you and other people get really down for not being able to play for like a week or 2, since it's so customary for me to be out due to injury for years at a time. I guess you don't appreciate it as much until it's really gone, but I'm glad you haven't had to go through that. Stay healthy and positive!

Was it you that posted in the FB group asking about yoga routines? I forget...
Yoga has also helped me a ton.

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Re: FuteBlaug (PSU)

Post by krustykrakk » 20 Jan 2018 03:36

I did not expect so many responses. I guess modified isn't dead like some people think. Before I touch on the two sessions I've had in the last two days, I'll respond to everyone.

Asmus: Thanks, hombre. I'm also excited! :)
Dan: You need whirlyball in your life. I just find it ironic that a sport based around driving has a bar for players inside the venue. I've been wanting to meet you for a while now. One more thing, you got my vote for ed director. :)
Ryan: Thanks, man. My recent improvements come, in part, with comparing myself to players around my level. Since you've always been a step or two ahead of me, you're always on my radar. Being around you and other PSU alums brings me back to shredhaus and all of our shenanigans. As for the Festival, I still have not decided on a date or backup shred spots, but I'll try to get on that soon.
Erik: I try to go each event that is even a remote possibility. Sometimes I feel spoiled due to the development of the American east coast scene. It's pretty cheap for me to fly, bus, or even carpool around. The Facebook post was me, yes. I was just asking about stretching regimens to try to learn something new. I've had some pretty gnarly injuries from highschool soccer that still give me guff and find tightness in several areas from hack. As far as Canadian events go, I do plan on attending DLO this year. It's been over fifteen years since I've been outside of the U.S. and I've never been to Canada.

Since my last post, I've played twice. I had a fun, although unproductive, session on Wednesday. Since it was more of a fun shred session and less of a training-intensive drill session, I don't really have any goals or milestones hit to discuss. Sometimes the best training for me is to take a step back from drilling and just to concentrate on getting to the gym and playing. Lighter sessions like this help me realize why I play and tend to be a lot more fun.

Rather than head into detail about what I was doing, I've prepared some videos. These aren't amazing accomplishments for me, they are just videos that didn't make it to Instagram.




I had on more video where I BSOS'd pixie refraction but, upon watching it, I realized that the trick simply is not as cool as I had thought while hitting it.

Friday was more of a drill session for me. I focused more on hitting drifter BSOS in strings but mainly focused on flip barfly. This silly trick is my bitch on strong side and, over the past few months, I've almost dialed paradon on both sides. Flip barfly, for some reason, eluded me. I'm fortunate enough to have players to whom I'm able to reach out who are more than willing to help. Not too long ago, it was brought to my attention that most players will often overcompensate on a weak, far clipper set by setting the bag too high. It's a lot easier to get a more accurate set with strong side. With this in mind, I've been trying for lower, more controlled, and more efficient sets on flip. It helped a little bit (a lot with paradox whirls) but barfly still gave me trouble on flip. It was until yesterday that I had a teensy breakthrough. When I was learning paradon, one thing I would do after setting the bag was to start the first dex with a sort of setup. Imagine toe set into quick switch. Just after shifting the balance to the set leg, as I raise my knee, the bag is at its peak. At this moment, with my knee raised, I'm about to initiate the first dex from the point of a vertical illusion dex. So I use the verticality of my shin to sort of lock on to the bag. Then I go for the first dex and momentum pushes the second dex into play almost automatically. After a few weeks of practicing paradon this way, I found it less important to lock on... muscle memory does it for me.

Now, fast forward to barfly. Since my muscle memory was there, executing the trick isn't too hard on either side. But, for consistency (especially mid-string,) my strong was so much better. I completely forgot about the paradon lock on. I don't really need to do it for strong since my set was good from the start, which made it easy to transfer the muscle memory over. With my flip set sucking, I had to readjust it and also employ the lock on strategy. Focusing on the lock on as well as controlling my set pushed my consistency through the roof. I hit more flip barflies yesterday that most of my previous sessions combined. I suppose that now all I need to do is to focus on the correct habits and to build up muscle memory until the trick is as easy for me as paradon.

Oh, boy. All this footbag theory has me all hot 'n bothered. Now I can't wait to kick today! Thanks for reading my flip barfly rant. Now you go and kick.
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Did ya look at it?

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Re: FuteBlaug (PSU)

Post by Tjuggles » 20 Jan 2018 13:17

Great stuff. It's nice to read about people motivated by footbag.
TJ Boutorwick

"You can do anything" -Greg Nelson

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Re: FuteBlaug (PSU)

Post by Ryan_Morris » 20 Jan 2018 23:08

krustykrakk wrote:
20 Jan 2018 03:36
I did not expect so many responses. I guess modified isn't dead like some people think.
As a wise man once said, "I'm not dead yet!" There's only a few of us here, but we're quite active and our numbers are growing again, apparently.
Ryan Morris

PSU crew, ECFU, Michigan Footbag, and counting.

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Re: FuteBlaug (PSU)

Post by Muffinman » 23 Jan 2018 12:03

Nice stepping and double downs!
Great form. Keep it up!
I look forward to seeing you at DLO!
Ryan_Morris wrote:
20 Jan 2018 23:08
As a wise man once said, "I'm not dead yet!"

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Flip Barfly

Post by C-Fan » 31 Jan 2018 14:04

I'd say you are correct in your analysis that flip barfly is less about set height, and more about accuracy.

On a related note, when I go for flip barfly I focus more on turning my hips into the trick quickly than on anything else. If you get that hip pivot fast and early, that's 90% of the work done for you. And as with all double downs, the key is the first dex. Focus on getting that deep and fast, and the second dex should automatically be there. When people do a "the" or thin double down, the second dex looks bad but only because the first dex wasn't timely. The problem is never actually the second dex, the problem is that the first dex isn't good enough which leads to the second dex being bad. Make sense?

On an unrelated note, here is "Africa" by Toto but done only with sounds from Donkey Kong Country:

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