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Post by Olav » 25 Mar 2005 15:24

Welcome to my footblog!

About this blog...
This is my first blog and I don't have any experience in such things :? but I hope everything's gonna be allright :D ! I decided to create it because I want to share with you my footbag experience and skills. Maybe someday I will analyse how big progression I have done :o . This is the reason why this blog exists. And sorry for my english... :oops: I make a lot of mistakes! However now I'm learning this language by myself and I think that it is still getting better (this footblog is some kind of way to learn and... :wink: polish my english), so forgive me please...

About me...
My name's Olaf. I'm 16 and I live in Wrocław. I love this town very much (I wish see you on euros!!! :twisted: ). I like skiing or playing keyboard (I'm preaty good in it). However I haven't got time for this now :arrow: . But above all I looove freestyle footbag! I've been playing freestyle since Zocha Jam 2004 (it's almost 5 months now) but I can only play two times a week... :cry: fortunately I play with Szymon (Ners), Hania, Budzik... :roll: thus I'm shure that I do everything correctly. And what is the most important thing: right from the beginning I was doing everything both side :idea: . I feel that it helps me a loooot now, and I am able to make whatever (what I can hit on my level) BSOS :twisted: .

So far I've hit :wink: :
Dimwalk, DATW (after 3 weeks ~20. November)
Gyro Mirrage (5. December 2004)
Ripwalk BS (17. Dec 04)
Ripwalk B2B, Sidewalk BS, Blur BS (27. Dec)
Smear BS, Symp Mirrage BS, Ilusion BS, DLO BS, Torque (29. Dec)
Torque flipside (30. Dec)
Mobius - my first 5 Add :D (16. January 2005)
Pdx Torque - first try ever :P (23. Jan 05)
Drifter BS, Vortex BS (5. February 05)
Paradon BS, Barfly (12. Feb)
Blurriest BS (?)
Mobius flipside, Barfly BS, Scorpions Tail BS (28. Feb)
Jani Walker, Symp Flurry (after Hop Over too 8) - 21. March)
Blurry Torque (16. April)
Marius, Sonic Clipper, Blurry Drifter (24. April)
Alpine Mobius, Mobius B2B (05. May)
Spinning Mobius (05. May)
Dicking Marius (Jun 05)
Nemesis (1st clean after year of playing, flip~Feb??)
Alpine Big Apple (27. Nov 05)
Gyro Gauntlet (27. Dec 05)
1st Beast (March 06)
Clown Face (19 III 06), Diving Marius BS (same day)
Rubberman & Gyrosino drills (14 & 15 IV 06)
:oops: don't remember when I've hit these:
Cheese Processor
Furious Blender
Surreal > Food Processor > Spender
Alpine Food Processor - BS
Gauntlet - BS
Gangsa Party - BS
Riptide B2B
Blurry Torque B2B
Sunilwalker > Janiwalker (rpt.)
Spin Pdx Blender > Food Processor (rpt.)
Mobius x 5
Alpine Bigwalk > Blurry Torque > Food Processor
Surreal > Big Apple > Food Processor
Red Giant
flip Furious Blender
Nuclear Torque BS
Frantic DOD
Blurry Zulu Torque BS
(too lazy to update it)

Good, it's all about me and my blog. Now I should describe what happened today!

At 3.00 pm we (Hania, Ners, Adam, Daniel and his sister... I forgot her name... :? and me) got together and played in the Hanka Sawicka park. The weather was beautiful :D : sun was shining, birds and it was pretty hot (~18 centigrades). My first out session was really awesome! There was also some funny situation, when the people around us were wondering what are we doing... :lol: It's something new for me. When the guided tour from Germany was passing us by, I did something like this:

Butterfly > Butterfly > Ripwalk > Osis > Butterfly > Drifter > Osis > Butterfly > Butterfly > Barfly > Osis > Butterfly > Spinning Clipper > Spinning Osis > Torque > Butterfly > Spinning Drop

I was very happy :D & they were really impressed!

At about 5.30 pm we (Hania, Ners, Adam and me) went to the club "13", where we played billiards for the next hour. Oh... I almost forgot :) that meanwhile we went into McDonald for an ice-cream. But this doesn't concern footbag so... now I am sitting in front of my computer and writting this post :P .

Currently I'm working on double downs, steppings and atomics 8) . My Ripwalks are even worse than 2 months ago :( ! But my Barflys are quite good now and very clean, I think. Tomorrow I should :roll: learn more stepping or atomic sets, but nothing can force me to practice anything alse as flipside drifters and barfly :twisted: !

I hope you'll enjoy reading :!:

Peace :wink:
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Post by *Jethro* » 25 Mar 2005 15:41

Props on the big run. Lucky you, getting to play with all those awesome shredders. Keep up the good shred and keep posting.
Peace, Jesse. :)
Hopefully back one day.

Jesse Malouf

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Post by dazza » 25 Mar 2005 16:05

I saw you in " Po Prostu Shred " but i didnt see you at todexon !?
Say hi to Szymon and to Hania and keep being hardcore, your progress
is almost unbelievible...mobius after 5 months, damm 8)


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Post by Olav » 26 Mar 2005 15:13

Thanks for reading :!:

In fact I did that Mobius after two and a half of month... :P

Also the truth is that I hate to play in front of the camera... :? However when we were making "Po prostu shred" I was not on the level what I wanted to present :roll: . Perhaps we will make some video from Wrocław at an early date? Today's weather was worse than yesterday's, but spring is comming - I can feel it in my bones :D !

Regrettably I couldn't be on Todex6n, but I really wanted to :( ! I had even my routine scheduled :!: , but my parents didn't permit me to go in spite of earliest affirmation :x . I was despairing all next week until the Tdx #6 ended :cry: !

As I was planning yesterday - Today I amended steppings. I tried to learn some Drifters on flipside, but I couldn't :( . In the aftermath of the last weekend's "barraging session" I have overloaded my left thigh :oops: so now I have trouble with flipside Barfly, Barrage, Drifter. I won't practice them for next few days :? .

Some new stuff:
Pdx Drifter > Pdx Torque - midstring 8)
Spinning Butterfly > Spinning Butterfly > Scorpions Tail
Ripwalk > Sidewalk (rpt.) > ...
and also:
Sidewalk > Ripwalk (rpt.) > ...

Anyway, on May 28. there will be a freestyle contest in Wrocław named Fire Jam 8) . I started to arrange my routine for this competition and now I must work on it :idea: .

Next shred: on Monday - I need it so much :twisted: !

PS. On Wednesday I'm going to Lvov and I'll take my Rod Laver's :wink: ! I will write more...
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Post by Olav » 28 Mar 2005 14:35

Nothing to write today :cry: !

Today is one of these days when nothing seems to be going right :evil: !

I had no idea :? ! Butter > Pdx Mirrage... DROP, Clipper > Osis... DROP! Absolutely no ideas! Moreover I've got a baaad shin split especially in my left leg :cry: ! I had even Vortex > Mobius for a few times on my foot :x and then... DROP! Also Torque > Mobius... but i didn't catch it... :x Damn!

I wanted to work on my stepping set, but I wasn't able to move because of my shins... :cry: Fortunately I found some advices on flipsider.com (heh, what a coincidence... Hania gave me the same link almost in the same time! :wink: ) and I'm gonna use them for at least 2 months :idea: !

Currently I'm working on a list of drills that I want to do :idea: . I'm going to work on some easiest drills from the list when pain in my shins will cease :roll: . I'll get down on my steppings and barflys too.

I have no idea what to write else... :? ehh... I'm depressed! I will do that exercises from flipsider and see what next... :(
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Post by Olav » 05 Apr 2005 12:52

I'm back and... I haven't played since last Tuesday - my bag got lost at the first day of my trip to Lvov :( . It's sooo different, weird but also very beautiful country! Oh, and what happened with my bag? My classmate found it under my bed on the last day of our tour :roll: ! It's a pity that I wasn't able to play there... :cry:

Instantly after my comeback (yesterday) to Wrocław without thinking about what I was doing, I have decided to join Ners and the other fbg players from our city in the another outside session in the Sawicka park :D . I wondered if I could do something with Pdx Torque and I did Dimwalk > Ripwalk > Pdx Torque again in the first try (again? Yep - I did that link in the first try ever about month ago... and also Pdx Torque in first try ever after 3 months... :wink: however since then I've never practiced them - I just have an inborn ability to some tricks... :lol: )! At the end of the session I was totally exhausted and only thinking of drilling but I couldn't do anything... Furthermore I kicked myself in the shin :x by doing drifter.

Now I'm ill because of that yesterdays windy session... :?

There is so many diferent things that I want to lern... :roll: Stepping, Atomic, Barraging, Double Downs, Drifters, Torques... Aaaaa :x ! Thus, I've decided to make a list of drills that I want to learn and practice as often as it's possible :idea: . It'll be my long-term objective. As soon as I complete some of these I'll update the following list immediately :!: .

Here's that list:
Olympia: Dimwalk > Blur (rpt.)
Stepper: Ripwalk > Sidewalk (rpt.) - done (8. April 05)
Taekyon: Barfly > Sidewalk (rpt.)
Mindstab: Ripwalk > Sidewalk > Spinning Butterfly (rpt.)
Gather: Dimwalk > Sidewalk > Blur (rpt.)
Equilibrium: Dimwalk > Ripwalk > Blurry Legover (rpt.)
Closeness: Ripwalk > Blur > Parkwalk (rpt.)
Domain: Ripwalk > Blur > Legbeater (rpt.)
Mountain: Smear > Atomsmasher (rpt.)
HopHop: Atomsmasher > Tap (rpt.)
Rubberman: Blur > Atomsmasher > Legbeater (rpt.)
Tomato: Spinning Clipper > Drifter (rpt.)
Tomato II*: Spinning Osis > Pdx Drifter (rpt.)
Kukulkan: Drifter > Pdx Drifter (rpt.)
Bounty: Drifter > Torque (rpt.)
Bounty II*: Pdx Drifter > Pdx Torque (rpt.)
Syzygy: Drifter > Pdx Drifter > Vortex (rpt.)
Holiday: Spinning Clipper > Spinning Osis (rpt.) - done (8. April 05)
Mississippi: Ripwalk > Spinning Clipper (rpt.) - done (8. April 05)
Chenet: Spinning Butterfly > Osis (rpt.) - done (8. April 05)
Mississippi II*: Sidewalk > Spinning Osis (rpt.)
Donkey: Gyro Mirage > Paradon (rpt.)
Afro: Barfly > Spinning Clipper (rpt.)
BAP: Blur > Paradon (rpt.)
Windmill: Barfly > Down Double Down (rpt.)
Harmonic: Gyro Barrage > Paradon (rpt.)
Coercion: Barfly > Barrage > Paradon (rpt.)
Ogre: Barfly > Scorpion's Tail (rpt.)
Gyrosino: Vortex > Mobius (rpt.)
Blurring: Blurriest > Blurrier (rpt.)
Foolish: Grave Digger > Pdx Torque (rpt.)

* - if it's possible to do with spinning clipper or drifter, why wouldn't I try something more dificult like: spinning osis or pdx drifter... :wink: ?

I had a boring day today - I was mostly laying in front of tv (there is nothing else than reports about popes live in it) or doing shin splints exercises. Currently my mood is getting better :) so probably I'll go to school tomorrow and on Saturdays shred too :D . My goals for that session will be: Stepper, Mindstab, Chenet, Holiday, Mississippi (+II). I am going to try some Pdx Torques (perhaps B2B? :twisted: That sounds nice!) and practice more flip Drifters.

I almost forgot. I should arrange my routine :!: . I'm thinking about competing in open :idea: at the Fire Jam... However that will be my first competition and I should compete in Intermediate :?. On the other hand I'll have a great chance for high placing (even winning, but I don't care about it) in Int. with prepared routine (sandbagging?). I think it'll be an interesting experience and a big challenge for me ( :arrow: open). I don't know what to do :roll: !

I need a break for another couple of days from fbg (anyway I can play only on the weekend :roll: )...
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Post by Olav » 09 Apr 2005 14:43

Fri Apr 08 2005 (Yesterday)...
In connection with the Popes funeral - office, shops, schools... - everything was closed. So we (Ners and I) decided to use that opportunity... We had a nice shred 8) !

As I said, I am drilling now. Drills I have hit yesterday:
Stepper: Ripwalk > Sidewalk (rpt.) - not for the first time
Holiday: Spinning Clipper > Spinning Osis (rpt.) - it was sooo dificult for me :arrow: ! Always when I zoomed from Spinning Osis I wanted to delay on... second Spinning Osis :lol: !
Chenet: Spinning Butterfly > Osis (rpt.)
Mississippi: Ripwalk > Spinning Clipper (rpt.)
For the next few months I'll work on them regularly :wink: . I should work also on flipside: Pixie :x and Drifter. It's realy important, cause my goals for the next weekend are: Olympia, Gather, Closeness, Equilibrium, and prep for Kukulkan.

After that I was a bit tired so I decided to practice some of my favourite tricks: Torque, Pdx Torque... I had a few realy nice runs after Pdx Torque! I have discovered that Pdx Torque B2B is not so hard... :P I have to learn it on my flip... :roll: also my flip Mobius is weak! Hovewer I did Mobius > Spinning Osis yesterday, so I have a BIG motivation :twisted: .

I have almost forgot :arrow: . Ners has learned me how to play 4-square. It's GREAT :!: .

Today I played with Hania, Gosia, Ners and Dexter (Łukasz). My mood wasn't good, but finally I did a few new tricks: clean Symp Whirl BS, clean Pdx Whirl without any problems (unfortunately flip Pdx Whirl was too dificult for me :? ) and others from our trick list (DLO, Swirl, Whirl, Barfly, Blur, Torque (> Torque :twisted: ), Drifter, Blender) BS.

The last time when I was learning Barraging, it took me 2 days :P but I have had muscles ache :cry: ! Now I'm much better prepared, so I came back to this set. And it was a good decision :D ! I practiced Symp Whirl, Quantum, Symp Quantum and Symp Barraging. I'll work on them tomorrow :twisted: !

PS. I decided to dominate :!: Intermediate on my first tournament: Fire Jam :idea: !
PS2. Well... I'd love to win 4-square someday... :roll:
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Post by Olav » 16 Apr 2005 13:47

It was the best shred in my 5,5 month long career :!:

The weather in Wrocław is sooo changeable and unpredictable! According to the weather forecasts on Saturday it should rain :? . But fortunately today in spite of the weather forecast it wasn't rainning and it wasn't cold either (about 18 celcious with sun shining :D ). I wish soon will be as hot as it was today because it's more fun to play outside. For example you can get some fresh air while playing... :wink:

Nowadays Wrocław became a capital city of Footbag Net! Yeah, I just came back from South Park, where NetBag Jam took place today. I had never seen anybody playing Footbg Net before :roll: (haven't seen any videos even! Can you believe that? :oops: ). Until now! It is not bad... but I like Freestyle more :P !

I finally arranged my 90 sec routine 8) . But before I'll be able to do it with 2-5 drops (what'll realy make me pleased), there are many drills that I want to practiced:
Spinning Clipper > Ripwalk (rpt.)
Drifter > Butterfly > Osis (rpt.)
Pdx Mirrage > Butterfly (rpt.)
Spinning Butterfly > Far LegOver > ss Butterfly (rpt.)
Sidewalk > Drifter (rpt.)
It's easy, but I have to do it for every single time!

I'm still working on
...swirls (Ripstein... here I come... :twisted: ). I realised that if 1st dex will be uptime, the 2nd (downtime) dex will be a piece of cake :wink: ! If I'll be working on it of course!
...and drifters (especially flipside). My Vortex is working almost every time :o . I had a little problems in the middle of our shred when I was totally exhausted! But then I rested for some time by playing frisbee :D with Ners and some other guys. We had so much fun with it that I've decided to buy one to play near my school during breaks (it isn't my idea, but it's a good idea). Never mind. After that enjoyable pause I decided to try Vortex > ... Never mind. See below... :arrow:

Today I've hit:

:arrow: Vortex > Mobius - Yeah... It's a cool link I think 8) ! I was trying to do it for the whole day and had it on my foot for a half a million times :roll: !

:arrow: Blurry Torque - I mean Blurry, NOT Slurry! I'm really happy of that one because It was one of my goals for the next year maybe... :) and today while playing in the circle I said something like :idea: : "It would be great to hit something hard like... Torque after Stepping". I knew that one of us, who has a perfect style (Rafał Kaleta - U can see him on flipsider.com, where he hits Blurry Symposium Torque 8O ) can do it without any problems and I wanted to see that. Unexpectadly I was next... and that was my first 6 add :roll: (fuck adds, it's a great trick 8) )!
And now for dessert: I'm able (at least I was today) to do Blurry Torque for > 50%... I did it also three times one after another 8O ! Something like: Hand > Clipper > Blurry Torque > Handcatch > Clipper > Blurry Torque > Handcatch > Clipper > Blurry Torque > Handcatch :!: So now I'm wondering if I could add Ducking after Blurry :lol: ? LOL! It is my dream to hit Gauntlet in Big One on Fire Jam 05 :D ! I have to learn ducking "only" :lol: ! My Stepping Set fast became really good. I can do 6 Ripwalks B2B on averange. Peace of cake :wink: !

I'm proud of myself :D ! Funniest thing is, that I'm not playing for 5 hours :? a day (only 2-4 at the weekends) as for example Setman do... :roll:

I almost forget about my favourite set... Barraging/Symp Barraging! Yesterday when I was talking with Ners, he told me step by step how to do it right and I realized what am doing wrong :arrow: . And I must say... I know how to do it! I need to practiced it, but it's looking quite good :twisted: ! My Symp Barraging is tottaly amazing in my opinion :lol: (I mean clean!)... Yep, I know... I'am so modest :wink: ! But now I'm happy of todays session - I can't believe in all this things :D .

Oh, and one more thing. I tried Double Spinning Clipper and I was sooo close to delay it for so many times :x ! I have to do it tomorrow or on next Saturday.

It's late now. So I have to end with all this promoting :lol: ! I love Footbag!

PS. Sorry for my english... :oops: I'm too tired to correct my mistakes now. I'll do that later :P !
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Post by dazza » 17 Apr 2005 01:40

Dont worry about any sp. mistakes Olaf, your talent is what people concentrate on, when reading your blog :wink:
Man i can totally understand your current excitement, after my last
session, i felt like that too ; you know, when everything justs works out
great, and you get carried away...

Damm, everytime i browse your blog, i am always like " how can he
be so fucking good after 5 months of playing ?
I play for 7 months, and i just hit assasin and parkwalk, and i considered
myself as afast learner, but when i look at your progress i'm either :oops:
or motivated like crazy...

When i come to Poland this summer, you gotta tell me your secret !
Say hi to Hania and Szymon and keep up your good work :D

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Post by Olav » 17 Apr 2005 13:37

Always when I see a new post in my blog I'm so excited :D ! I just like to write on it :twisted: .

Daryl, I'm looking forward to this summer :!: as much as you do (I think) but... there is one little problem. I don't know what secret do I have... :( but don't worry, I'm gonna find out what it is :wink: !

I realized that there are so much tricks that I do and... forget :lol: about it (I'm able to do it but haven't write it here)! Here are some of them...
DOD BS, Paradon BS
Barrage BS
Pdx DLO (2nd try ever :P )
Legbeater BS
Atomsmasher BS
Spinning Osis B2B BS (I love Zooms! 8) )

Today we were burned out of that crazy yesterdays shred :( . I wasn't able to do more than 10-15 consecutive Butterflys (I mean left Butter to right Butter...) :? . I haven't done Blurry Torque again because my Steppings weren't working the right way today too :cry: ! Only new thing I did was :arrow: flipside Vortex. I just forgot about this trick (I hit flip Mobius already) :lol: . I decided to try it after 7 consecutive flip Spinning Clippers :twisted: . I really don't know how can I do this trick without arrangements :?: .

At the end of the session Ners and me were trying to hit Vortex > Mobius. I was so close for a few times and I had it even on my foot but I was to tired to finish it this time and catch it :cry: . Ners hit it 8O in his last chance :lol: . You are crazy, Ners!

Now I need to rest and maybe on next Saturday I'll be able to write something more like I did yesterday...

Keep kicking :wink: !
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Post by Olav » 24 Apr 2005 14:46

I was reading my blog and I realized, that somebody would think, that I haven't hit Vortex > Mobius. Oh, well... I have hit it (Sat Apr 16, 2005). Maybe it isn't important that I make some silly mistakes, but for heaven's sake I must be incomprehensible :x !

I couldn't wrote yesterday - I was talking and drinking beer with my friends from primary school... I haven't seen them since 2001 :roll: .

After Sturday's session I am convinced that I can do everything in Footbag :lol: ! And only thing I need is time... :P

What made me think so? Well... (Yesterday - Sat Apr 23, 2005) finally I understood Ripwalk :D ! At present it isn't a problem for me to do about 5 of them or even 10 or more (if I am feeling really fresh and strong :roll: ). It seems that Ripwalks are even easier than Butterflys. Maybe I'm much more concentrated (doing Ripwalks) and then my sets are much more precisely and each one goes straight there, where I want to.

Because of that I going to change my routine for the next contest.

Yesterdays shred was so interesting also because of many cool tricks I have done after Ripwalk. Barfly, Blurriest, Scorpions Tail BS, Mobius BS, Pdx Torque etc. The next milestone was understanding Torques in different way :D . Before - they were not controlled at all.

Today we had no music on our gym and it was sad without it... so I decided to do a Big Add Session :twisted: ! In fact I was practicing alone and I did not do nothing really BIG... just practicing spins, double downs, torques...

Some new stuff:
:arrow: Marius - my second (?) 6 add. For a moment everybody were trying to do something hard (I was trying Baroque) and for a diversity I tried Marius and I was sooo close to delay it! I back off for a moment and on the end of day I done it 8) .
:arrow: Blurry Drifter - unexpectedly with 8 panel Dexbag*
:arrow: Double Spinning Clipper - for a few times only on strong side, but my flip is on the same level

...and some not new stuff...
:arrow: Controlled Mobius BS - this time it was really controlled and... for the first try :!: on strong and then on flip! - as I was writing - I finally found out how can I do Torques in the most control way. Of course I had to try it with Dexbag* and unexpectedly... it worked out in the 2nd try on each! I'm proud of myself :wink: !

...and some stuff that I'll do someday...
Baroque. I've never tried this before, because I know how hard it is to do it clean, especially downtime. I got into it - it's really cool thing and I'm going to do it clean! Today I even "did" it with both dexes and catched on Osis and... zoomed it away. How? I knew that it is impossible on my level anyway... :evil: In one moment that feeling disappeared. I couldn't swallow this :cry: . But I didn't catch it: so forget it! But I'll remember... and someday... :wink:

I have an extremely big Math test on Tuesday :( . I have to learn a lot now. However I like Math, so it won't be a big problem for me... I hope! Cross your fingers... :P

* - Dexbag is the best bag I've ever played (32 is just delicious, 8 is inconspicuous... and totally amazing!) made by friend of mine who plays Free too. I've ordered yellow & blue one already :P . I mean 8th. Unfortunately he don't have material for 32 panles. I can't wait for them... What an advt! :lol:
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Post by Olav » 05 May 2005 14:31


I haven't play Footbag since Sunday :cry: ! Why? Uh... :(

Let's start right from the beginning. At about 6 o'clock on Friday morning I went with my parents to the Lake Zbąszyńskie (It's ~ 210 km from Wrocław). When we arrived the weather was so nice. It was a bit cold in the morning but later it was still getting hotter and hotter... :D In that circumstances I decided to look for a place where I could play for the next few days. I didn't hit anything new, only practicing routine and some moves like for example Drifters. It was brilliantly 8) . What's the catch? Well... after an hour of Sundays session I saw a little hole in my bag* :cry: . I was terrified because that was my only bag :oops: ! I am silly... How could I went long way apart with only one bag?! :x Perhaps that was my only bag... :lol: ? LOL! In that coincidance I could do something else, like go fishing. But I hadn't got the fishing rod either :? !

After tree days of terrible refreshment :wink: I had a sweet shred today!

Something new:
Ducking Mobius - Ducking?! To be honest, I don't know the difference between Ducking and Weaving... :oops: One thing is sure - It was no problem for me (Yeah, I'm modest at the moment :lol: )... Then Ners said that I am probably the first man in Poland 8O who did it (?!). I just can't believe that!
Mobius > Mobius - I wanted to do this for the last few months. It was my dreams... And at the end of the session I tried to hit it starting from flip Mobius - It worked for the first try! :o This time Ners said the same... :? And now my dreams is to hit Big Apple B2B... :roll:

Janiwalker - today I hit it very clean and... simply! I have to work on it anyway and soon I'll be able to add this trick to my runs. It would be nice.
Double Spinning Clipper - it works much better than earlier. Because of that (after hitting Alpine Mobius) I decided to try something totally incredible and impossible.

Spinning Mobius. I think I'll hit that tomorrow :twisted: . Today I was so close to that for almost every single time. Regrettably, we had to finish for today :roll: furthermore I was exhausted.

I think that tomorrow I'll have my Sorbibag fixed :) . Meanwhile I used 8 panel Dexbag. It's funny. You see some 8 p shit :lol: and you can't balieve that this is probably the best bag as against 32 p Sorbibags, sweet Haniabags... I can do just anything with it. My runs are much longer - maybe I concentrate more playing that bag :arrow: ? It's hard to dealy it some times and it pressure you to play more precisely :idea: . Drifter > Drifter... I did that like nothing. Everything in more than 25 guitless. I don't remember anything in details but I'll try to write everything tomorrow on a piece of paper so then I'll be able to write it here :idea: . I must go now!

PS. I found out that I realy don't look at Adds. Some tricks are just beautiful for me :wink: .

* - OK, it's my fault. I should be more cautious!
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Post by Olav » 06 May 2005 13:44

Another shred behind me!

It wasn't so sweet as yesterday :roll: . I was tired and I wanted to hit many big tricks in my runs. Results? Drop, drop after drop... Drops everywhere. The reason isn't so clear... by "big tricks" I wanted to say that there was too many tricks that I don't have contralled yet :cry: . Examples? Fucking Ripwalk :x ! I couldn't do more than 3 consecutive and after a short breake I did even 10 :?: . It's weird. I have to learn Steppings once and for all!

This time as I said I've done...

:arrow: Spinning Mobius - Ners offered me to work on some Double Spins. I was cooompletely washed out. However vision of catching Spinning Mobius was stronger than tiredness and even biggest pain :lol: . And I catched it. Unfortunately, Ners didn't saw that... I wanted to show this trick to him (he saw yesterdays D. Mobius and Mobis B2B), but I had no power... :?

I found out that it can be done as an one consistent motion 8O . The second way is to set bag high and straight. After the first quick spin just do the second like it was a separate trick (Mobius) but this time downtime for sure! Everything depends how do you think about it :idea: . It motivated me to work on my flip Double Spins tomorrow :P .

I didn't bought that bag from Łukasz. As far as I remember I wrote about his bags and my intention already. I have a problem with Ripwalks playing with it. It's much harder to delay the butterfly in the best place :? . Besides there are so many great 32 panel bags... And finaly I have my Sorbibag fixed (but now it's toooo light :idea: ).

I have an idea :idea: ! Regularity and consequence is very important in Footbag that's for sure :arrow: . When we are playing in the circle, everyone usually can do 2 drops. So I'll spend one drop on doing consecutive Ripwalks and the other one on unexceptional run using BOP, Spinnings and maybe drifters as long as I can. I want to prove that I am not some guy who is interested in big stuff (many people think that way now and I'm not happy with it :x )! I wish I'll prove that at least to myself. I must remember that I don't play for anybody and it doesn't matter what somebody would think :roll: .

For the next fresh news you will have to wait till tomorrow :D .

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Post by Olav » 14 May 2005 13:19

I am completely changing my attitude about freestyle. Now I'm working on my... mental side :o . Yeees... in Footbag. Since 6th of May many things have changed already! First of all I have got my own shreding place :D . It's a small (in fact ~ 5x4 m is quite large for a guy who rather don't need a lot of space to play) room near the basement. There is everything what I need - rough and flat floor, light, electricity, even a small window with a view of the garden... and the most important thing - peace and quiet! What more do I need 8) ?

Furthermore summer is approaching irreversible so my school is slowing down :arrow: . More free (...style :lol: ) less learning! Anyway this is a great opportunity to improve my skills at languages, maths by my own (the only way to learn anything effective without waste of time! :roll: )...

My Sorbibag had a 2nd dangerous meeting with my Laver when I was practicing Symp Whirls :roll: . And then my mum taught me how to repair a bag. Next time I'm going to fixed it personally! Maybe I'll make my own Olavbags oneday :lol: ? I almost forgot that I ordered a bag (FF Classic - you can see it here) and I'll have it probably on Monday.

Under these circumstances I decided to play everyday :D ! My progress is already visible but I won't be sharing it with you :P . Not until Fire Jam (28. May). Oh, maybe sometimes... and only with some extraordinary moves and tricks :twisted: . At the beginning I wrote about my battle with my mind. Yes, in my case it's important - always when I had a great shred on Saturday when I was fresh, the Sundays shred was hopeless. I was depressed for the next whole week till next Saturday... and on Sunday everything went the same way again... and again :x . It's really amazing that I didn't discourage myself 8O . Fortunately I can play everyday now and my condition is getting better very fast. I'm happy with it because this was my worst side - I wasn't able to do many Ripwalks (an example) just because I was tired :roll: . I also invented my training scheme. It looks like this (it goes without saying that we always have to start from warm-up and stretching :wink: ):

1) Steppings, Whirls, Double Downs - after the warmup I'm doing some Clippers then (consecutive) about 25 Butters, 10-15 Osis, few spins and zooms. After that I'm working alone on single tricks. Recently I'm determined to have Steppings REALLY controlled :evil: ! Whirls... this isn't my strong side, because when I learned Torques and other tricks I wanted to be the best in this part of fbg, and I laid off Whirls, Swirls... Now I'm repairing my mistakes. And finally Double Downs - I discovered that if I train DATW, Reaper than I'll be able to hit clean Double Down after whatever and whenever I want :twisted: - it's my goal for the next year.

2) Shred. It's great to shred with sbd so the second (and longest) part of my training will be devoted to Spinnings, Duckings and Drifters. Here are all of the longest runs. I am going to learn Duckings because I don't use them much :( and I want to have them in my runs.

3) Torques, Barragings, Sonic... so the biggest and funniest tricks for the end 8) .

I didn't write here from ages... Since 6th I've hit: Gyro DLO, Blender > Torque BS (it would be great to make a drill from this but my flip Blender is very weak), Blurrier, Spinning Pdx Whirl, some other that I don't remember :P .

Today I've hit:
:arrow: Big Apple (Spyro Symp Torque) - I was trying to hit it but there was no results. And than... in one moment I just knew what's wrong 8O . I said: Hey I know what's wrong... and than... I chought it :o ! I wanted to hit it on my flip, but ealier I was trying some PS Whirls and Superflys... and even now I have a slight pain in my knee :? .
:arrow: Spinning Pdx Whirl - I've hit it already, but Today Ners told me that in this "Spinning Whirl" is a Pdx... :lol:

Ners hit Gangsta Party in 3th try. It was my idea... I just knew that he can do it :P . And another 7 add... And also Quantum Drifter 8O ! He's insane... :roll:

I have to go now. I'll try to write sometnig tomorrow (there will be a fbg demonstration in Galeria Dominikańska at 13 o'clock :idea: ). So... Bye!
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Post by Ners » 14 May 2005 13:55

Recently I'm determined to have Steppings REALLY controlled !
Yeah right, like you don't have them controlled hitting about ten right in front of me :roll: Dude, you want too much from yourself :wink: Props for the Big Apple, now repeat :P

Szymon Kałwak (Ners)

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Post by Olav » 15 May 2005 13:06

Ners wrote:Dude, you want too much from yourself :wink:
Probably you're right... as usual... :roll:

I haven't got much time so...
Ners wrote:Props for the Big Apple, now repeat :P
1. Big Apple - again... this time in Galeria Dominikańska 8) . It's the biggest shopping mall in the middle of our city. There was soooo many people 8O !

2. I did also a huge run with 8) :
Lots of Butterflys, Osis, Ripwalks and Spinnings: Spinning Clipper BS + Spinning Butterfly BS + Spinning Osis + Mobius + Barfly + Scorpions Tail

3. Then, at about 5 o'clock pm we had another shred and I was absolutely exhausted :x ... I remember only some Ducking Clippers, Double Gyro Mirrage. I need a break :!: Tomorrow I'll have my new bag, but I won't be playing so... maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday I'll try it :D ?

4. I'm getting worried about my routine. I haven't train it with the music... :cry: and my Sick 3... I really don't know what I can do (Scorpions > Vortex > Mobius? :roll: It's hard...). On Big One I'll try Blurry Torque, than maybe Big Apple, alternatively Marius. I hope, that my routine will be successful. And I have only 2 weeks... :?


PS. I'm terrified! 8O
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Post by Olav » 22 May 2005 13:58

My parents went for a holiday (I had to stay :roll: because of my first contest - Fire Jam) so till Monday (30. May) I'll be living with my grandparents - unfortunately they don't have a computer :? . I'm playing a lot these days (afraid that's to much for me... :( ). However I didn't prepared my routine! And I also don't have any ideas for my Sick 3.

Friday - about 20 Janiwalks, outside shred, my runs getting longer.

Saturday - at 3 o'clock pm I started to play alone on our gym and at obout one and a half hour later Ners arrived. We were playing together for the next 2,5 h - and so... this session became the longest in my career :D .

:arrow: ~60 Osis (consecutive) - I wanted to do 10 or so, right at the beginning, but then I discovered that I can do much more... :lol:

:arrow: Bigwalk (Gyro Stepping Butterfly) - it was clean. It's funny... when I saw that after Surging set the bag is high I was so suprised... :o I wasn't able to move ( :o )! Fortunately I ended by adding Butterlfy in the last moment :lol: .

:arrow: Venom (Surging Far Double Down) - Clean too! Next 6 to collect. It's a sweeeet trick! So smooth... :wink:

Clean Surging set is hard but worth of trying. It's my favourite set since yesterday (when I tried it for the first time :P ). However it'll cost me a LOT of work to be good in this set :roll: . But I believe that it's worth... 8)

Today another hard session. Many nice runs with massive tricks tricks in it. Janiwalks between Butterflys and many others... Double Spinning Clipper was working for about 70-80% 8O .

I'm happy and also very tired :!: of this everyday shred! I'll have to do some break before FJ, because I don't have any power left in my legs :cry: .

I'm preparing a BIG suprise... so I think that you may expect something BIG :twisted: . I need only 2-3 weeks (I hope)... :P
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Post by Olav » 25 May 2005 13:17

Today I had the last shred before Fire Jam.

Oh, maybe I'll be on tomorrow's session too :P , but I won't be playing Footbag! I think it will be a good idea to learn juggling :D from Ners (he won't be playing either... probably?). After a few days without shred I have so much power, motivation and (what is almost as important as strength) many fresh ideas. I wish, that on Saturday I'll have all of them :twisted: :wink: !

But now I should describe what happened today! So... we had an outside session in the Sawicka park as usual. It was really nice - hot, but with refreshing breeze :) . There was only three of us - Ners, Adam and I. I think that this is a perfect circle :wink: ! Later, a friend of Ners arrived. He can do some Clippers, and Mirrages. He would be a good player if he could find some time for practice.

The contest is on Saturday, and I have some aches in my right knee. I hope that it isn't anything serious :? ! Therefore I was taking things easy! Lots of Butter&Osis runs with some Drifters and Spins. Also:

:arrow: Whirl > Drifter (rpt.) - don't remember that I've hit it before. It worked the first time :P . After FJ I'll work on some drills maybe! And Ners hit Pdx Whirl > Pdx Drifter (rpt.) today... :lol:

:arrow: Void BS - came quickly, so I decided to hit flip Marius this day or on FJ...

:arrow: Marius BS (today: flipside) - it's a great feeling to have a 6 Add trick BS 8)

Tried also Symp Whirling Swirl :D . Great trick, but not this time... :( one of my favourite in fbg (near Venom, Mobius, Janiwalk...).

At the end of the session we played 4 square :D .

Can't wait for FJ :twisted: !
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Post by Olav » 05 Jun 2005 13:09

I haven't written in here for ages!

My first tournament ended quite lucky for me - I was second :D . My final routine unexpectedly went very well (in the 1st round I dropped even on Toe! :lol: )... but I don't know how many drops were in it :roll: . I'll see the detailed rankings soon and then I'll write here about it! Anyway I've hit Mobius (but after this one I felt that the floor is slippery...) and Scorpions Tail (> Handcatch at the end) in it (without dropping :P ). Don't remember nothing else... :oops:

I was also 3rd in Big One (with Blurry Torque - went quite easy. I tried also Big Apple and was close but no results... :cry: ) after Montage Rake :wink: and PS Twirl.

Haven't competed in Shred 30... :?

I've hit many cool strings (for example one with Blurry Torque and Symp Mobius... :twisted: ).

At least I know how contests look like. I haven't practiced my routine and this was my biggest mistake :cry: ! But I'm happy that I was able to meet all those people and play with them :D ! Can't wait for Euros where so many great shreders from many countries will be shreding together :twisted: !

:idea: I have an idea for my next routine (for euros' qualifications and semi-finals) and now I'll practice it until it gets perfect. If I practice it regularly I'll be able to hit it dropless and that's my goal :wink: .

Currently I'm working on Whirls and Double Downs. Nothing new. On Friday I had an 1 h solitary session. Yesterday I played also alone (1 h) and when Adam arrived I had no energy left :roll: . It's discouraging when your progressions are over your abilities :lol: . For example(at the beginning of that session):
... > Ripwalk > Janiwalk > Ripwalk > ...
... > Whirl > Drifter (rpt.) > ... > Ripwalk B2B > Drifter B2B > Osis > Barfly > ...
Marius in the 3rd try on BS! Yeah... I was suprised too :o .
And at the end Ripwalks and Symp Whirls were too hard. I'm just can't even imagine how I'll be playing on euros for a long hours :oops: ?!

Dunno what to do with it. I suppose train harder and more frequently :) . Ners often reminds me that I want too much from myself - that's true, unfortunatelly :? .

So today I had another solitary 1h session. Here's what I've hit:
:arrow: Barfly B2B - some time ago I wanted to hit it but I wasn't able. Now I am :) - so I repeated it few times, untill my parents told me to stop (fucking floor :x ).
:arrow: Reaper BS - I don't think that I've hit it ealier so... 2nd try on strong 1st try on the other (flip?!)! I'm lucky in "first try" moves :lol: !
:arrow: Whirling Far Butterfly - I was just curious. Now I'm wondering if I'm able to hit a Pdx Whirl after it (Whirlwalk)... :P

I'm preaty close to Drifter > Torque drill (Drifter > Torque > Drifter - BS yesterday). I think I'll back to my drill list :!: .

And finally I found out what's all about in Pdx & Far moves! So Pdx Whirl, Barflys won't be a problem now (I hope so!).

That's all for now.

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Post by JaJoo » 06 Jun 2005 07:31

Olaf you are awesome :!: Props for all tricks :) Dajesz rade koleś :D You must go to Leszno :) Peace & Pozdro
.....::::::Life is good, Footbag is better:::::.....

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