Footbag Business Cards

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Footbag Business Cards

Post by F[uns]tylin' Eclectic » 08 Mar 2014 22:26

So, you're walking around in a park on a nice sunny day. You glance over at a nearby basketball court and see some kids doing some very familiar movements. They're hacking!

You go over and ask to hack with them and then show them some tricks and tell them a little about the sport if they seem interested.

THIS is as far as I comfortably get when I'm recruiting a new potential player. Then I give them my contact info and tell them I can teach them. But that sounds kinda skeezy, right? Getting their contact info is also pretty damn skeezy. WHAT THE HECK IS THE PROPER SOLUTION HERE???

I think I thought of something that would be as non-invasive as possible. Footbag Business Cards. A business card that we could either make in bulk and sell on freedomfootbags or planetfootbag, or get someone to make one and have it available for print-outs. My thoughts for layout are:


You could stick a pack of these in your shred bag, and if anyone asks about it/seems interested, just explain a little bit and hand them a card.

I think this would be the best way to handle people who are interested. It's not too forceful and it's not too weak. It's just enough, in my opinion.

And I just thought of another use for these! You could hand these out to skateshops/hippie shops that sell footbags! That would probably be a surefire way to get some new players!

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Re: Footbag Business Cards

Post by Muffinman » 08 Mar 2014 23:31

If I remember, FAT (Toronto Footbag) used to do this. Great idea. We often have people stop and ask questions and this would help. One way it would help more than just giving contact info is that they would find the card in their pocket later and may be more likely to look it up online as opposed to just forgetting a conversation that happened in passing earlier in the day

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Re: Footbag Business Cards

Post by Ryan_Morris » 08 Mar 2014 23:46

I like this idea a lot! It would make us seem more organized and professional (lol) in the eyes of potential recruits.
Ryan Morris

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Re: Footbag Business Cards

Post by jay7 » 09 Mar 2014 01:33

I think that this would be a decent idea, especially with the low investment. There are a lot of business card deals online, if you hunt. I don't know about PA, but, in Ontario I'd use a site like ... ess-cards/ to try this out.

I imagine that your posted picture isn't your final product, but, I'd suggest a higher-res picture and more of a "Your eyes just fondled my text" font selection. If you want help doing the card itself, let me know.

Asmus has often gotten some success, because he uses the Danish Footbag Association when negotiating anything, which sounds much better than "Joe Blow, Freestyle Footbagger blah blah". So, putting PSU or something on the card might add more credibility.
Jay Boychuk

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Re: Footbag Business Cards

Post by boyle » 09 Mar 2014 03:15

I think it's best to use an "organisation". The actual organisation doesn't have to be particularly organised, but say for me, I can say "Footbag Chile", which at the moment is the same as "Daniel Boyle", but something that can be joined.

It's also something you can hand out when not playing footbag, at different events and things, even at the bar, when you tell people about this little sport, maybe they can get interested and contact you.

I don't think it would be to useful to have a "worldwide" card, as each place is best to have something specific to the location. You'd also want some location specific contacts, say a Facebook page, email address, kicking times, etc.

Also, nobody is going to fax you saying they want to have a kick.

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Re: Footbag Business Cards

Post by Ohios1 » 09 Mar 2014 09:52

i like this idea also. great thinking Nick. if i remember right, Vistaprints.con gives you free cards a lot when they have stuff going on. keep me up dated. plus i know a guy that owns a shop and he makes them i could help if needed

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Re: Footbag Business Cards

Post by Asmus » 09 Mar 2014 12:12

Thought I would share this for inspiration. Pretty sure they were made around Euros in Copenhagen in 2004.


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Re: Footbag Business Cards

Post by SlashC » 10 Mar 2014 01:02

I used to carry around a bunch of these handouts to give to prospective players:


There used to be a link to our club website under contact info when we actually had one. I also have a modified version of the above that we used to promote tournaments and demonstrations. I typically printed 4 of these on a single piece of 8.5x11" paper.

I also found these older card designs on my computer, but I can't remember if we ever used them:

Made by Kevin Regamey?

Made by me?

I think silhouettes, vector outlines, and crisp logos look great on cards. I would probably advise staying away from photographs for backgrounds because they tend not to contrast well with text. If anyone really likes the above cards or posters and wants to use them let me know and I can upload the original photoshop files with editable layers.
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