Footbag Promo Video in Costumes

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Footbag Promo Video in Costumes

Post by F[uns]tylin' Eclectic » 28 Jan 2016 05:50

This is kind of a reminder to think about the topic plus start a discussion and see if anyone else has cool ideas.

This is an example:


Of course, this is another example, one closer to our hearts...


This is the kind of video that gets shares and views in 2016. We need to get wit' da times.

Here's a cool idea I had:

Pokemon? We already have stitchers that make pokemon ball footbags and pokemon character footbags. Someone could dress up like Ash and battle another pokemon trainer. My thought right now is to have a scene that shows a pokeball in hand, then cut that scene directly into a pokemon character themed footbag and do a few tricks with that and this is how they would battle? I dont know, it seems like this is the way to get more public eye on your sport nowadays. Pokemon fans would watch it, regardless if they had interest in footbag.

Does anyone have other cool ideas?
Nick Polini

Footbag is good for the SOLE


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Re: Footbag Promo Video in Costumes

Post by h0ag3yb3atZ » 29 Jan 2016 13:41

maybe not make footbag cornier would be a good idea :p

although you already know i'm down for a mortal kombat shred video. only if theres no shred.
Kevin Hogan


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