Joulu2k16 Day XXII PART TWO: NYJ 2016 (IVAN I)

Footbag videos and footbag related videos such as takraw, freestyle soccer, etc.
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Joulu2k16 Day XXII PART TWO: NYJ 2016 (IVAN I)

Post by h0ag3yb3atZ » 24 Dec 2016 11:24

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Alright kids, I can't hold back this on one of the great film maker/editor/stitcher/tournament organizer/designer/overall architects of freestyle, of course i'm talking about the not so evil genius Ivan Iakimenko.
This sleak cut offers some insider laver visuals on the yearly whirlyball fused faygo bender that is the michigan crews New Year's Jam even that they have taken over in recent years. Peep the glory of Ivan, feel the nostalgia of last year if you were there and maybe even sway you to hit up michigan.


Kevin Hogan


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