Facebook Footbaggers Group Jan - Aug 2015 PDF Archive

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Facebook Footbaggers Group Jan - Aug 2015 PDF Archive

Post by Allan » 22 Aug 2015 10:47

Download 46.7 MB PDF Archive

I didn't sleep well last night. When Rachel's alarm went off for her to go to work at 6:30, I just stayed awake, even though I didn't have to get up for an hour. I poured myself a coffee and sat on the couch, opening my laptop and loading up the Facebook group. I started scrolling down and ... well, I didn't stop. For almost an hour.

When I hit posts dated in May a thought occurred to me. I'm using Safari on OS X, which has long had robust support for PDF generation. If I were export my current page, I'd get a PDF of what my browser had loaded, up to that point in time. It worked relatively well :)

My laptop is from 2009 and has 4GB of RAM. It doesn't take much to get those fans spinning up and for things to slow down somewhat considerably. But I kept scrolling. Activity Monitor is showing Safari dominating my system. I kept scrolling until I hit the final days of 2014. At that point my own alarm went off and I hit the export option before hopping in the shower. A 46.7MB PDF file was generated.

This only captures what was loaded into my browser, so the photos showing are very low-res, and none of the videos play; most comments aren't shown. Links that haven't been truncated by Facebook's formatter work. Text search works. I think I'm going to print it out :lol:

Download 46.7 MB Facebook Freestyle Footbaggers Group Jan - Aug 2015 PDF Archive

Overall, this is almost entirely pointless, but I think it was a generally productive way to spend that hour :lol:

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