LA Times – The Power of Hacky Sack (1995)

This is actually a short letter to the editor, but considering the role Poland has had in the sport in recent years, it’s worth putting in the collection.

Thanks for Michael Colton’s interesting story about Hacky Sack, “The Goodwill Game” (Sept. 18).

I was first introduced to the game in the fall of 1988 when I accompanied 30 University of Redlands students to our Salzburg campus for a semester of study together. We played Hacky Sack all over Europe.

I remember one spirited game in the plaza in front of St. Peters, Rome. A too-swift kick resulted in the footbag landing on top of a Polish tour bus. It was lost for good, and we figured it might have made its way back to Poland. One year later Poland was free.

Never underestimate the power of Hacky Sack!



From LA Times.

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