Blue Ridge Outdoors – Footbagging Frenzy: Hackysacking in the South East

This was a preview for the East Coasts event in 2004, with a brief appearance from Peter Irish.

Footbag isn’t just the sport you played in the parking lot after school. In fact a lot of people take it quite seriously. It’s been competitive sport in several forms since the 1970’s-with a substantial number of footbag tournaments and festivals held around the world every year. Commonly known as Hacky Sack (actually a product manufactured by Wham-O, Inc.), footbag clubs are popping up all over the country including the Blue Ridge.

Pete Irish of Maryland has been kicking competitively for 20 years. His foot fetish began casually in the late 80s after he broke his arm in a skateboarding accident. After a little practice he made his parents drive him to the 1986 East Coast Footbag Championships in New Jersey. He quickly learned that this was a serious sport.