Torontoist – Tall Poppy Interview – Camille Surovy, Shredder

This one was the first that came up once I typed in “footbag radio interview” in a search. Though I think this does not come from a radio interview. It is quite detailed and shows what was happening in the Canadian scene in the mid 2000s.

Camille Surovy has made a name for herself in the footbag world. Apart from possessing some of the finest footbag skills, Surovy is also a key member of The Footbag Association of Toronto, and even organized the international footbag tournament called G.L.A.S.S. (Great Lakes Area Shred Symposium) that took place last weekend. Footbag (aka hacky-sacking) is one of the most inclusive sports in existence and anyone can play together irregardless of their skill. Surovy embodies the essence of the sport, she’s welcoming, thoughtful, and friendly. Torontoist caught up with Surovy after GLASS to talk about the tournament, the footbag community, and shreddin’.

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