Complex – Who is “The Greatest” in (Almost) Every Sport (2015)

There are certainly a wide number of sports covered in this article, which takes consecuvites maestro Ted Martin as the Greatest of all Time for footbag.

I will post the footbag entry in full, as it is just one of many entries in the article.

Accolades: Holds two world records for consecutive kicks, each over 60,000

How amazing a hacky sacker was Ted Martin? On one fine June day in 1997, the Des Plaines, Illinois native stepped up at the Midwest Regional Footbag Championships, started kicking, and didn’t stop for nearly nine hours as he pulled off a world record 63,326 consecutive kicks to cement his place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, going into that outing he already held the record in the Open Doubles One Pass Footbag Consecutive category as well, having set that mark in 1993 along with the Distance Passing record in 1995.

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Here’s another one of the consecutive kicks legends with an example of 1000 kicks.