The Gloss – There Was A She’s All That Reunion and We Can’t Handle The 90s Nostalgia (2016)

There is a bit of a craze for 90s nostalgia at the moment and this particular publication didn’t miss the reunion of the starts of the movie She’s All That. The “hacky sack scene” is responsible for getting plenty of players started on footbag.

It’s been a whopping 17 years since the movie was released, and we are still freaking out at this photo. Talk of a She’s All That remake did briefly excite us, but nothing can compare to seeing Zack and Laney together again. The fact that these two are still looking as good as ever 17 years later, just makes things even better.

There is no word on whether any hacky sack was involved in their coffee meetup, but we’re still cool with the reunion even if there wasn’t. It’s enough to make you grab some popcorn and watch She’s All That tonight.

You can read the full article here.

Here’s some footage of the man behind those feet, Big Add Chad Devlahovich





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