Media Post – Q&A:Wham-O CEO Wants to Get Kids Back Outside (2016)

This is an interview with a marketing focus with Wham-O CEO Todd Richards. Like other similar articles, Hacky Sack is one of the brands the company want to entice people back outside with, while also selling more of their own products.

Richards, who had previously served as vice president of sales for the company in the early 2000s, returned to the company last December to see this vision through as CEO. Here, he talks with Marketing Daily.

Q: What has been your mission coming back to the company?

A: As a kid growing up, like a lot of people my age, I grew up with Wham-O products. I saw this opportunity to bring back to the forefront of consumers the products we have, like Frisbee Slip-n-slide, Hacky Sack and Hula Hoop. These are products everyone knows around the world. I [also saw] a generation of kids that aren’t familiar with Frisbee or Slip-n-Slide.

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