Footbag in the News

The idea behind this section is fairly straightfoward. I’m looking to find as many articles about footbag as possible, and have them posted on that date.

I will just post a little summary and a link where possible. I will look to get newspaper, magazine and television stories. Feel free to point in the right direction if you know of some more articles.

Dr Jani: An Ortho Doc Who Gets His Kicks (2015)

This article takes a look at Doctor Sunil Jani’s past life as a star of freestyle footbag. Sunil Jani took the game to new levels and his name is on plenty of the tricks to prove it.

Dr. Sunil Jani balanced with ease even though his feet popped into the air like he was playing a kindergarten game of hot potato. He’s a bit of a magician when it comes to keeping a small bag — slightly larger than a golf ball — dancing around his body, a tribute to the discipline and dedication it takes to become so good at an obscure sport.

Read more at UC Health.

Here is some classic footage “Shred With Sunil” along with some young up and coming Czech players at the time.

ABC Melbourne – Correspondents’ Club with Raf Epstein (2014)

This is another little bit of putting myself out there. An interview I did while living in Chile with the ABC Radio in Melbourne, Australia. It was a lot about what I was doing with some startup funding in Chile but I managed to weave footbag in the conversation and that’s shown in the bio for the episode.


Correspondents’ Club this week comes from the South American country of Chile.

Daniel Boyle moved there with his Chilean girlfriend a couple of years ago.

He now works as a sports journalist for

His passion for all sports drove him to create

You can see Daniel’s 2010 1st place performance in the Australian Footbag Championships here

Correspondents’ Club is on every Thursday at 4:30 PM on 774 Drive with Raf Epstein, ABC Melbourne.

LA Times – Mattel to Sell Sports Division to Wham-O

A rare mention in the business pages, showing the transition of the Hacky Sack brand from Mattel to Wham-O.

Wham-O, a toy company formed to acquire and reinvigorate classic toy brands, is majority owned by closely held investment firm Charterhouse Group International Inc. Mattel said the brands acquired by San Francisco-based Wham-O include Aviva children’s sports toys; Churchill swim-fin products; Frisbee, Hacky Sack and Hula Hoop; Morey and Boogie aquatic bodyboard brands; Street Jam, Trac-Ball and Wham-O.

Read full article here.