17th Polish Championships 2017

Last weekend Polish Championships 2017 took place in Lublin. At saturday we had qualifications in the morning at gym and in the afternoon finals outside in the city centre where was pretty nice number of people. I won routines, circle, shred30 and sick3. I took second place in big1 and third in battle and request. The hardest part of circle contest was to get into finals- there were 3 groups in qualifications, but they were really hard: I was playing with Jakub Grabarczyk, Jakub Worek and Paweł Nowak. Final was easy- I just had to balance between runs length and fatigue. In routines finals I had 1 drop and I never had so few drops when I was training 😛 In shred30 I had 1 drop, but 29 uniques, so it was pretty decent  (200 points). In sick3 I did phoenix>bedwetter>pixie paradon as opening one, then I tried some others and hit phasing ss dlo>phoenix>foodprocessor. In big1 I did just phasing ss dlo, because I’m not good in just one trick. Battle was really fun, but also hard. Luckily Rafał Kaleta had multiple drops in last round of 3rd place battle, so I just had to play without many drops and I won this battle. I don’t remember on what round I lost request, but in this round lost also Arkadiusz Stanek (there were 4 of us left), so I had to keep going with him to determine, who will be 3rd. It was hard-either both of us were doing link or none of us was doing link. Full playlist from polish championships: