17th Polish Championships 2017

Last weekend Polish Championships 2017 took place in Lublin. At saturday we had qualifications in the morning at gym and in the afternoon finals outside in the city centre where was pretty nice number of people. I won routines, circle, shred30 and sick3. I took second place in big1 and third in battle and request. The hardest part of circle contest was to get into finals- there were 3 groups in qualifications, but they were really hard: I was playing with Jakub Grabarczyk, Jakub Worek and Paweł Nowak. Final was easy- I just had to balance between runs length and fatigue. In routines finals I had 1 drop and I never had so few drops when I was training 😛 In shred30 I had 1 drop, but 29 uniques, so it was pretty decent  (200 points). In sick3 I did phoenix>bedwetter>pixie paradon as opening one, then I tried some others and hit phasing ss dlo>phoenix>foodprocessor. In big1 I did just phasing ss dlo, because I’m not good in just one trick. Battle was really fun, but also hard. Luckily Rafał Kaleta had multiple drops in last round of 3rd place battle, so I just had to play without many drops and I won this battle. I don’t remember on what round I lost request, but in this round lost also Arkadiusz Stanek (there were 4 of us left), so I had to keep going with him to determine, who will be 3rd. It was hard-either both of us were doing link or none of us was doing link. Full playlist from polish championships:

Failed SLS Challenge

I tried today a 100 guiltless contacts Skyler Lon Smith challenge, but I failed.

Sorry for not posting for a while, but I’m busy with exams on university. Will post more in July.

First training after 2 weeks break

I had 2 weeks break due to bronchitis. It’s basically the longest break I ever had in my footbag career and I had no activity in that time. I also wasn’t at euros due to bronchitis. That’s life. We will meet next year, I promise 😉 Today I played for 30 minutes and first 10 minutes felt really weird- like my body wasn’t used to footbag. I couldn’t even hit a ducking clipper at beggining, but after I felt better and hit some things like mobius, ripstein, etc., but my runs are really short and poor now. I need to get back into shape.

You can watch  smooth style of Matthias Schmidt:

How I got started

Everyone has to get started. Here is how I got started.

All began some day when I was in primary school (around 12-13 years old). I got hacky sack as a gift from my grandmother. It looked like this (Haniabag on left for size comparison):

And it was filled with sand. I searched in google about it, saw some vids and started kicking and trying to stall it. I was playing for like 2 weeks and then forgot about it. Around 1 years later, when I was in secondary school (I was still 13, since it was december 2010), I found bag and searched internet again. Btw, I found then polish footbag forum, but it died 1-2 years later. I watched tutorials on youtube made by Szymon Kałwak and started playing again. But this time bag was way to big for me, so I sewed my own, since the only bags were selled in internet. It looked like the left one:

I don’t remember when I sewed the right one, but left one had way to much sand in it and it was hard to stall it, but I didn’t know that then. After 2 weeks I bought my first “professional” bag. And it was awesome. Now it looks like this:

and it’s rigid from one or more layers of tape.

That’s all for this story. Thanks for reading.

New video

I’m just playing easy now, because I have bench press competition at next saturday (13.05.2017), but you can watch video from worlds: