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  1. So, here we go.. I’m at work so I only have a few minutes to leave a bit of my life here.

    Lots of stuff has happened lately in my Polini life. Some good, some not so great. Mostly good, I guess.

    I joined a circus. This girl who I really liked kinda broke my heart, but she’s got some issues, so maybe I dodged a bullet on this one. Started dating a new girl who is really cool and nice and fun and funny and she has her life together. She can recite the entire movie of Jurassic Park word for word, including the dinosaur sounds. We don’t have a shitload of stuff in common, but opposites attract, right? We’ll see how it works out.

    I joined a circus? Yeah, so we have a 7 piece circus now based out of Lancaster PA. The crazy awesome part is that we’re all multi-talented, and we realized we have like 16-18 acts we can perform with our 7 people. Exciting stuff. More on that later.

    Traveling a bunch in the coming weeks. Going to Maine and might meet up with Hogan and Kemmer for a session. Will keep it updated.

    Work has been so busy since anadromous fish migration just ended.

    Ok, so the real reason you’re reading this is for footbag. Things on the footbag spectrum have been really awesome. I have a new shred partner… Boatz moved 1.5 hours away from me and we play pretty often. He’s so fun to shred and hang out with. It’s always fun getting some post session food with him.

    Highlights have been good lately.. Best stuff I can remember:

    -Vortex> Vertigo bs
    -Flipside Alpine Blurry Drifter (new on flip)
    -First Pdx Whirl-Free Beast (Mobius Screw> Mobius Screw> Pdx Torquescrew). Was really hyped on this.
    -PS Torque (new)
    -Vertigo bsos
    -Pdx Torquescrew bsos with a Mobius Screw
    -Whirr> Blurry Whirl *rpt
    -Toe ss Revup> op muted Revup *rpt

    That’s some of my most notable stuff lately. I guess you can see that I’m getting ready to give myself a level-up before Worlds.

    Paid contact juggling gig on Sunday. Excited for that.

    All done. Will update later.

  2. This new blog format is really hard for me to figure out. I guess this is how you add a new post?

    Anyway, I’m back from Worlds. It’s been an amazing adventure. Saw all my old friends I haven’t seen in forever and met a bunch of new friends.

    My big news is that… I was inducted into BAP. Holy fuck, dude. THAT feels so good/weird to say. I threw down hard shit in BAP circles with mostly Lon and Jim and they wanted me in. It was such an honor. Every time I’ve put the bag on my foot in the last 9 years, the thought of one day being in BAP is what drove me to do so.

    So, now I’m Nick “Houdini” Polini. I really like my BAP name because of reasons other than “it rhymes lol”. Magic is what originally got me into footbag. I saw it for the first time and was convinced it was foot magic. It’s also significant because of my magic ball/contact juggling skill that I’ve developed. I’d also like to think that it represents others believing in themselves, like a child believes in magic. I hope this BAP induction serves as a beacon of hope. I hope others push harder after seeing me come up from NOTHIN to BAP. I hope they believe in themselves if they want it and realize that it is attainable and that dreams can come true. I have to go jump in a river and net up a bunch of fishes now. Bye. I probably did this blog post wrong too lol

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