How To Build Up Your Sessions

One of the biggest rockstars in footbag Anssi Sundberg has recently started a blog detailing how he practices. I wrote this small piece a long time ago about how to set-up sessions. This is not meant to applied directly to your sessions but more as inspiration for you to reflect on how you do your sessions.

1. From Big to Small -way


This way is best if you are an experienced footbag player.
You start playing in a circle just flowing and trying to play your best.
Then you step out of the circle to practice links or combos you want to learn or get better at.
Then you stop again and focus on single moves you want to improve or learn.
So you start out shredding and then slowly break down the game in more and more focused tiny bits.

2. The Progressive Way


This way can be used for everybody and it is probably the most used.
It’s spread to over than one session.

a) First you start learning one element, for example Toe Stall.
b) Then you start learning a new element for example Inside Stall – plus you school the old one.
c) Yet another concept or trick is put into the mix for example clipper and the old ones are continually practiced.
You add a new element and keep practicing the old as well.

This can either be done over the course of multiple sessions or in one session. In the example here you could then end up practicing all the elements by doing a drill like Same Side Clipper > Same Foot Inside Stall > Toe Stall [rpt]

3. The Element way


This way is best if you are going to practice a downtime component or a set you want to focus on.

a) You learn one element 100% for example stepping
b) A new element is added, for example whirls
c) Your learn a new element for 100% like ducking/diving)
At the end you can put all the things together

Basically you just take your time learning all things really well before you use them together.

Written by Asmus Helms

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