Lon Smith, Pdx Talk, Rasmus Rendsvig and How To Be Good At Footbag

Back in 2004 – 2005 we had a footbag magazine in Denmark. The magazine was called Pdx Talk and had alot of great articles ranging from tech talk to recommendations to tournament write-ups and so on. One of my favorite articles was an e-mail correspondance between Danish player Rasmus Rendsvig and legendary shredder Lon Smith. The e-mail correspondance is in all it’s simplicity Rasmus Rendsvig asking Lon for advice on how to get most out of your sessions and how to be good at footbag.

I am not gonna bring the whole article since it would take to long to type in and some of it is more directed at danish players – instead I will bring Lon’s advices:

  • I use Emergin “C” powder in my water when I play. This gives me Electrolytes.
  • I eat healthy.
  • I sleep a lot.
  • I got good practicing by myself to my favorite music and my favorite this and that and whatever.
  • Don’t even try to learn new moves. There is only do or do not. You’ll know when you’re ready.
  • Don’t use kicks until you get warmed up a little bit.
    Kicking is very fast and hard on the knees. Warm up with some easy toe stalls inside stalls clipper stalls and osis.
  • Play in the heat.
  • Once the muscles are hot they are elasticity and flexible preventing injury and increasing oxygen flow to the muscles.
  • Modify your shoes, surface you play on, sobriety level, footbag you use, etc
  • You SHOULD play after smoking. You SHOULD be able to have fun practicing after 2 or even 3 beers.
  • You can’t modify the street unless you pulled a rug out onto it and played on that or went to the gym and played on the wooden floor or crossed the street and tried playing on grass. The best surface in the world is a golf course green.
  • Get really good. Even if you only have 10 minutes to play before you must shower and go to work or whatever, do it.
  • Make sure you don’t push your body too hard. Hard but not too hard.


Thanks to Rasmus Rendsvig, Lon Smith and Zach Jahner for the photo of Lon.
Written by Asmus Helms

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