Episode 1: Evan “the Silencer” Gatesman

In our very first episode of the Symposium, we are joined by none other than 2016 US Champ Evan Gatesman.  We talk about competition strategies, what its like to move to Boise, and of course everybody’s favorite sport: whirlyball.

We experienced some technical difficulties with sound quality (hey it’s our first episode!), which we adjusted in post.  Rest assured, all future episodes of the pod will have better audio quality.  Hopefully you’ll still find this entertaining.


8 thoughts on “Episode 1: Evan “the Silencer” Gatesman”

  1. Amazing. Great job Ken. This is so fun!
    Super added value in future would be if you could link to things you refer to? Like.. I really want to see the pigbeater > plasma clip…

  2. Really really interesting podcast. Maybe the Footbag scene is not growing in numbers but it is evolutioning thanks to social networks like Instagram and Periscope and now with this cool iniciative that is a huge effort for you guys, and it is very appreciated. I haven’t heard the hole program but I’m sure I will because it hooked me up! Thank you so much Ken and Evan!

  3. Rory Dawson!!! Yes. So glad to hear all the viewpoints on our beloved sport. Small but motivated. That’s a good start. I’m curious where it will be at the 100 year anniversary. There’s a great deal of interesting questions being talked about and in a good way with no vulgar or unnecessary language. Just the right amount of time on each subject of discussion before moving on to the next. I highly recommend listening to this podcast by Ken Somolinos. I hope he does another one every year or even every month!
    Sincerely, -ShredOnLawn(a self named Big Add Posse member from 2000)

  4. good job ken! just finished listening all the way through, and i really liked it. looking forward to upcoming episodes, so i subscribed to the rss feed 🙂

  5. I can’t believe I got mentioned in the inaugural episode.
    As a fan of podcasts I loved this.
    Thank you Ken for your hard work and putting this together. Great job to the both of you on an insightful and enjoyable conversation.

  6. Good job Ken! Just started with your first podcast and i love it. Looking forward for the next episodes.
    Thank you for doing it!

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