How I got started

Everyone has to get started. Here is how I got started.

All began some day when I was in primary school (around 12-13 years old). I got hacky sack as a gift from my grandmother. It looked like this (Haniabag on left for size comparison):

And it was filled with sand. I searched in google about it, saw some vids and started kicking and trying to stall it. I was playing for like 2 weeks and then forgot about it. Around 1 years later, when I was in secondary school (I was still 13, since it was december 2010), I found bag and searched internet again. Btw, I found then polish footbag forum, but it died 1-2 years later. I watched tutorials on youtube made by Szymon KaƂwak and started playing again. But this time bag was way to big for me, so I sewed my own, since the only bags were selled in internet. It looked like the left one:

I don’t remember when I sewed the right one, but left one had way to much sand in it and it was hard to stall it, but I didn’t know that then. After 2 weeks I bought my first “professional” bag. And it was awesome. Now it looks like this:

and it’s rigid from one or more layers of tape.

That’s all for this story. Thanks for reading.

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