OGL Asia – Ultimate Footbag Challenge

In 2011 there were a number of events around Asia as part of Adidas using footbag to sell some perfumes and other products (unfortunately there was nothing to do with the Rod Laver shoe though.

As a bit of disclosure, I was involved in the Malaysian leg of the event where I gave some demonstrations and acted as a judge of the competition.

The inaugural Ultimate Footbag Challenge was organised by Kay Ess Enterprises, a local distributor for adidas body care & fragrances.

OGL’s main role was to reach out to the masses and gather support for the event by approaching several tertiary institutions to conduct Footbag workshops for students and staff.

As Footbag is a relatively new sport in Singapore, participants were guided to focus more on a freestyle routine rather than a monotonous juggle. This had helped to provide the Singapore winner with a competitive edge in the regional competition where Footbag champions came together from Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam. An online voting system was created on ESPN website and Singapore emerged as the regional champion!

Read more at http://www.ogl.com.sg/portfolio/ultimate-footbag-challenge/

Here is some footage from the original competition. Most players involved across the countries did not have a footbag background, but some came from other similar sports.


The Star Malaysia – Footbag Tourney Part of Fragrance Launch (2011)

In 2011 Adidas ran a campaign through South East Asia to promote a line of fragrances. The Malaysian leg was held in a large mall in Kuala Lumpur.

THE newly launched adidas Pure Game and Happy Game fragrances have inspired some slick footbag moves among followers of the “hacky sack” in the country.

And they are hosting the Malaysian Footbag Championship as part of the launch of the brand’s body care.

Coty Beauty Far East Export general manager Fons Houtkamp said the national champion will earn a four-day trip to the International Footbag Players’ Association (IFPA) world meet finals scheduled in Helsinki, Finland from July 3 to Aug 6.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/community/2011/05/20/footbag-tourney-part-of-fragrance-launch/#g2dBJIgk4CROk2dV.99